Fact or Myth: Do Pheromones And Attraction Go Hand In Hand?

This is a Fact.

Before any naysayers chime in with, “pheromones are load of nonsense,” consider the amount of time we spend making sure we smell nice.

We shower, shampoo, deodorize and spritz in an effort to invite attention and avoid rejection. We are lead by our noses to the people we want to meet and those we want to avoid.
Not convinced?

Consider the proven role pheromones and attraction play throughout the animal kingdom. From amoebas, to fish, to primates, scientists have pinpointed the influence of pheromones on the mating habits of animals. Pheromones explain why a male animal is attracted to a female in heat, and why and when animals engage in copulation.

What Exactly Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are behavior-altering chemicals that radiate from an individual and alter the response of another individual of the same species.

Perhaps one reason pheromones and attraction are targeted as “myth” is due to their odorless nature (we have a hard time believing in that which we cannot process with at least one of our five senses). Pheromones can only be detected through the vomeronasal organ (VO) located in the nasal cavity.

You may not be able to see them or smell them, but pheromones definitely exist, emitting from the largest organ in the human body: your skin. They are secreted in sweat glands and other bodily fluids, and once released; act as a subtle drug on anyone within close enough range.

Pheromones have been used to curb appetite, protect against pregnancy, promote relaxation, regulate the menstrual cycle, prevent reproductive problems and protect against prostate cancer.

Despite this long list of benefits, they are mostly coveted for their powers to increase sex-drive and sex appeal. pheromones and attraction Pheromones and attraction impact whom we are attracted to and how often we want to have intercourse.

Research Proves Pheromones Are the Cause of Attraction

Studies highlighting the role of human pheromones and attraction have been sighted by reputable news organizations such as ABC News and the Los Angles Times.

ABC News reported on a study that showed how pheromones increased the attention female participants received from men by a whooping 50%.

The Los Angeles Times further explains that, “Scientific studies have actually shown that subjects who used synthesized pheromones had intercourse more often.”

According to the study, pheromones also significantly increased the frequency of dates, intimate encounters, and even more subtle interactions, such as sleeping closer to their partners.

Bennett Research, a research firm located in Australia, conducted a similar study with 306 male volunteers.

The power of pheromones and attraction was evident in the results:

  • 90% saw an increase in attentiveness from the opposite sex
  • 52% found initiating a conversation to be easier
  • 61% reported holding a conversation to be easier
  • 34 – 36% received unsolicited compliments and noticeable flirtation from females
  • 40 – 43% experienced increase interest and responsiveness from females

How Can You Make Pheromones Work For You?

Not just any pheromone enhancer will do. Male and female pheromones are different; so make sure you match the pheromone to the gender.

The male pheromone, androstenone, works its magic by boosting a man’s, well…manliness. It stimulates the lutenizing hormone in females so that they experience a pull of attraction to the man.

The female hormone, copulin, works in a similar manner by causing a testosterone rush in men.

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