Reshape the Destiny of Your Genes

Did You Know… that you control the destiny of your genes and can change gene expression with just a few lifestyle adjustments?

The emerging science of epigenetics is proving that you are not at the mercy of unalterable genes that determine whether you are one of the genetically lucky.  You actually have a great deal of control over how your genes express themselves.

And it’s not just about lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise.  Your thoughts and emotions also have the power to switch certain genes on and off.

Your Cellular Center of Intelligence

Every cell in your body contains the same genome—your complete set of DNA, including all of its genes.  Atop the genome sits the epigenome, which acts as the cell’s center of intelligence, telling the cell precisely what to do and how to behave.  The epigenome determines which genes are turned on and which proteins are manufactured in a particular cell.

Scientists have long been aware of these epigenetic markers; they are what differentiates a brain cell from a muscle cell from a skin cell!  What scientists are now hoping to discover is how to manipulate epigenetic markers in the hopes of vanquishing bad genes and activating healthy ones.

By switching on a gene, you may be able to reverse chronic and debilitating conditions including…


 Alzheimer’s disease

In the meantime, you don’t have to take the fatalistic approach.  You ultimately have control of your genes by making healthful lifestyle choices.

How Your Environment Affects Your Genes

Epigenetic markers aren’t just predetermined biological absolutes such as “this is a kidney cell” and “your eyes will be blue.”  To the contrary, epigenome is heavily influence by environmental stressors, such as the foods you eat, the degree of pollution you are exposed to, and the amount of physical activity you engage in.   You are, in fact, a genetic appendage of your environment.

For instance, recent research has shown that lifestyle choices such as smoking and poor eating can activate gene expression toward obesity and away from longevity.  The good news is that if you remove the environmental aggravation, these epigenetic markers will recede into the background, restoring your DNA to healthy gene expression.

Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions also activate receptors that switch genes on and offEpigenetics falls in line with quantum physics, which has proven that the invisible energy field has more of an affect on health than the visible, material realm does.  The way to influence this invisible quantum field is by tuning your thoughts and emotions to a positive frequency.

Do it for Your Grandchildren

Historical evidence shows how extreme environmental conditions, such as fluctuations in food supply triggering starvation one season and gluttony the next, not only affects the health of the individual living among these circumstances, but also affects the propensity toward disease in subsequent generations!  The Time magazine expose, Why Genes Aren’t Our Destiny, chronicles the research of Dr. Lars Olov Bygren, a preventive-health specialist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.  Dr Bygren analyzed a random sample of 99 individuals born in the Overakaliz parish of Norrbotten, Sweden, a region know for its periodic episodes of feast or famine.

Using historical records to trace lineage all the way back to grandparents and scrutinizing agricultural methods to determine the amount of food available to each generation, Dr. Bygren determined that in both genders just one winter of overeating produced children and grandchildren with a greater predisposition to disease.  Epigenetic influence may not change the DNA code, but can certainly alter gene expressions down through the generations.

Your Genes Can Learn New Habits

Ultimately, it is extremely empowering to know that you get to shape not only your genes, but your kids’ and grandkids’ genes as well.  Epignetics proves that it is never too late.  Your genes are willing and able to unlearn bad habits and implement good ones, as long as you are willing.