New Discovery Makes Sunlight Your Anti-Aging Weapon

How the Sun Can Make Your Skin Look Younger

Most People Are Afraid of the Sun,
But You Don’t Have to Be, Thanks to This
Remarkable Scientific Discovery by a Beverly Hills Genius

     Most people regard the sun as the biggest enemy of their skin.  And for good reason.  Skin cancer rates are skyrocketing, and it is an undeniable fact that the sun is the single biggest cause of aging skin.  This phenomenon is called photo-aging, and it is behind virtually everything we hate about our skin.

     The sun can destroy our skin’s health and appearance in numerous ways, according to Dr. Adrienne Denese, MD, PhD, author of Secrets for Ageless Skin:  Younger Skin in 8 Weeks.  Here’s a partial list of the havoc that the sun (direct or indirect) can wreak on your skin:


  • Collagen breaks down, and skin thins and becomes less elastic
  • Wrinkles form (both fine lines and expression lines)
  • Skin sags along the jawline
  • Pores enlarge and begin to fill with sebum and dirt (blackheads)
  • Red capillaries begin to show around the nose, cheeks, and chin
  • Dark skin discolorations appear (such as age spots or sun spots)
  • Skin cancer, the most dreaded consequence, can occur

It’s no wonder that most dermatologists, aestheticians and skin experts keep preaching the same mantra:  “Stay out of the sun!”  Some even go as far as to say, “If you avoid the sun, your skin can look young forever.”

Well, contrary to popular belief…

Your Skin Can Look Young Forever—Especially When You’re Out in the Sun.  The truly amazing (and little-known) fact is this:  you can convert sun exposure from your skin’s biggest enemy into your skin’s anti-aging miracle—with a science-backed method that has been shown to work wonders.

With this revolutionary new method…your skin actually produces more collagen and grows younger-looking every time you are in the sun…and you reverse visible signs of aging while enjoying the sun for as long as you please.

This sounds like a futuristic dream—but it’s not.  This method is being used by top celebrities and athletes right now, and it is finally available to the public.  It all started with one golfer’s accidental discovery.

A Beverly Hills Genius Makes a Remarkable Discovery

David H., a genius Beverly Hills inventor (whose countless patents for revolutionary products have generated more than $100 million in sales), is an avid golfer.  He has endured endless hours in the hot California sun.  Despite using an SPF 50 sunblock, David suffered countless sunburns and sustained skin damage and premature aging.

     David feared he’d get skin cancer if he didn’t stop playing golf.  He also knew that no sunscreen was strong enough to protect his skin.  Furthermore, the latest findings prove that most commercial sunscreens contain toxic chemicals which have been shown to increase the rates of skin cancer—or speed up the development of malignant cells and make skin cancer spread faster.

But David wasn’t about to give up the sport he loved.

One day in 2012, David accidentally stumbled on a discovery—and little did he know that it would change the entire sun protection industry.

While working in his garden on a sunny day, David noticed that wherever the soil’s fulvic elements touched his skin, his skin didn’t burn—while the rest of it got a sunburn.  At about the same time, he came across a remarkable plant-based super nutrient from Sweden that had the extraordinary ability of reducing the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles and age spots, and enhancing the skin’s youthful elasticity and texture in 6 weeks—and virtually eliminating the occurrence of sunburn.

Being the consummate inventor that he was, he put these extraordinary elements together and developed the first-ever formula that converts the sun’s damaging UV rays into beneficial red light which helps to…

  • Produce new collagen
  • Stimulate skin cells
  • Boost skin elasticity
  • Visibly improve skin tone

As a result of using this formula, David never got a sunburn again, no matter how much time he spent under the sun.  Another miraculous side effect of using the formula is that the look of lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging began to disappear—and his skin looked youthful and healthy, with no traces of the previous sun damage he had sustained.

Countless celebrities from Beverly Hills and Hollywood have flocked to David’s office to avail themselves of this unprecedented method of turning the sun into an anti-aging advantage.


     FACT: Most people are exposed to about 14 hours of casual (indirect) exposure to sunlight every week—whether they go out in the sun or stay indoors.  Even casual exposure ages your skin and puts you at risk for skin cancer.

Revolutionary Sun Protection and Anti-Aging

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