A Secret Weapon for Digestive Health

The Secret Pill Europeans Use to Skip the
Gas, Bloating, and Constipation

     For generations, individuals living in a European region famous for its heavy, difficult-to-digest meals have relied on an all-natural remedy to remain completely free of gastrointestinal upsets. 

Now, science confirms that this remedy not only treats common issues, it also prevents them.  The remedy improves digestion in 3 key ways that quickly revitalize and repair damage done to your gastrointestinal system. 

A Secret Weapon for Digestive Health 

After World War II, many people living in war-ravaged Eastern Europe were too poor to afford drugs—and their nutrition was terrible! Lots of potatoes, bread, meat, and cheese, and very few fresh vegetables or fruits.  Not surprisingly, people suffered from terrible digestion.

Well, some people suffered.  Others availed themselves of a secret weapon in the form of a 300-year old herbal recipe. What those people knew—and modern science now confirms—is that extracts made from the flesh of the black radish can restore and enhance digestive health.

Are You Overlooking Your Liver? 

The benefits of black radish extract on your digestive system begins in your liver.  Your liver isn’t what you think of first when your digestion is failing, but it should be.  Your liver is your body’s most essential—and most overlooked—organ.  Your liver is responsible for over 500 bodily functions, including the production of bile, which is a highly necessary component for 3 crucial phases of digestion:
 The breakdown of food, especially fats and meat
 The sterilization of food prior to its entrance into your intestines
  The elimination of toxins from your body

Bile also stimulates peristalsis—the wavelike muscular contractions in your intestines and colon that generate regular bowel movements.


Root Cause: Today’s Digestive Disorder Epidemic

Experts believe that the epidemic gastrointestinal problems plaguing us today may be due to rampant underproduction of bile.

When It’s Too Late to Fix Digestive Problems 

A healthy liver and adequate bile are vital to good digestion—however, other important factors also influence the process. Unfortunately, most digestion medications fail to target more than one factor.

The truth is, digestion happens in 3 distinct phases:

  1. In the first phase, digestive juices in your stomach begin to break down food, turning it into something called chyme.
  2. The second phase begins when this chyme enters the opening of your intestines, and your liver delivers the bile needed to continue metabolizing nutrients.
  3. The third phase encompasses the time it takes for the contents of your stomach to pass through your intestines and out of your colon.

     By the time the third phase begins, it’s too late to correct problems that may have arisen earlier in the digestive process. 

Traditional Remedy Turned Twenty-First Century Treatment 

Dr. Mark Pasula, an immunologist and food allergy researcher, spent much of his career trying to help people with digestive problems.  When Western medical treatments failed, he turned to black radish, the traditional remedy used in his native Poland. Dr. Pasula’s work resulted in a potent treatment that uses black radish extract plus 3 additional ingredients to support gastrointestinal health on all levels.

The remedy’s powerful effects begin with trigger bile production and…

  • Corrected stomach acid levels, leading to fewer occurrences of heartburn
  • Decreased bacterial overgrowth in your small intestines
  • Normalized pancreatic pH levels, which spurs the production of digestive enzymes
  • Elimination of parasites such as hookworm and pinworms
  • Enhanced liver function

A Proven Way to Renew Your Gastrointestinal Health 

Independent lab tests show that this treatment dramatically improves frequent and unpleasant symptoms.

If you experience recurring gastrointestinal issues, do not waste another day suffering.  It’s possible for you, too, to see huge improvements. To relieve and renew your digestion and start living comfortably again, thanks to a high-potency formula made from the finest pharmaceutical grade herbs, just click here now.