A Superfruit with 600 Times More Vitamin C Than Oranges

Live longer, reverse aging and enjoy total body
health with the never-before-available combination of
super nutrients that may help you a achieve a biological age decades younger than your chronological number.

     Are you inspired to build a brand new you from the inside out? Are you suffering from a chronic or degenerative disease?  Want to banish the signs of aging creeping through your skin and regain your lost youth… or are you simply looking to maximize your health and well-being?  Whether you’ve set out to become healthier due to doctor’s orders or your own motivation, there are many deceptive loop-de-loops to avoid on the path to health and wellness.

     Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables won’t do it—most conventionally grown foods are nutritionally depleted and hazardous to your health!  Soil depletion, excessive shipping and storage time, and genetically modified food crops (80% to be exact!), suck the nutritional life from the fruits and veggies we crave.  In fact, you’d have to eat approximately 10 servings of fruits and vegetables to obtain the nutritional equivalent of one serving 50 years ago!

Vitamins aren’t necessarily the answer either.  The food nutrients in vitamin and mineral supplements have been isolated, extracted and put into a synthetic chemical structure that the body cannot recognize as food.  All those pills you’re popping are little more than brightly colored urine!

In this day and age it’s clear you need the nutritional value of raw, organic, real food.  And we’re not talking standard foods such as broccoli and blueberries… we have some catching up to do, and must look to the superior nutrition that only super foods can provide.  But with so many foods claiming “superfood” status, which can truly fuel the human body to rebuild a healthier version of itself?  We’ve uncovered the the world’s top 8 superfoods that deliver some of the most nutrient-dense, disease-fighting, and anti-aging benefits out there.

Superfood #1: Camu Camu

Originating deep within the Peruvian Rainforest, Camu camu is an exotic, cherry-like fruit with a nutritive concentration so potent it can heal chronic diseases, restore clarity, memory and focus to your thinking, and soothe frayed nerves.  Essential amino acids serine, valine and leucine protect and revitalize nervous system health while super-antioxidants ease disease—promoting inflammation and defend against a broad range of viruses.  The healthy goodness doesn’t stop there: this nutrient-packed super fruit is also fortified by essential minerals calcium, niacin, beta-carotene, iron, riboflavin and phosphorous.

Former USDA chief botanist, Dr. James Duke, rates Camu camu the #1 Superfruit for healing the following:


  • Asthma
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Cold and Flu Viruses
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Glaucoma
  • Hepatitis
  • Infertility
  • Migraines
  • Gingivitis
  • Cataracts
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases

And those are just the benefits for which Camu camu is ranked #1.  It also cleanses the liver, stimulates the production of white blood cells, and boosts the effectiveness of the circulatory system.  In addition to being an immune system cheerleader, Camu camu scores high on aesthetic value: with daily supplementation, hair, skin and nails never looked so good!

Camu camu has more vitamin C per ounce than any other botanical source on the planet!

     The only other fruit that comes close is an orange, which lags a huge 600 times behind!  Oranges naturally contain 3000 to 4000 ppm (parts-per-million) of vitamin C; however, by the time you eat the orange you are lucky to absorb 1000 ppm.  Camu camu measures in at 50,000 ppm, and when dried and reduced to powder form, camu camu delivers 600 times more vitamin C than oranges!

Vitamin C protects your cells and DNA from free radical damage, promotes optimal functioning of the nervous system, and has a significant impact on protecting and restoring cognitive function including the loss of concentration and memory typically associated with aging.  Not to mention, the high concentration of vitamin C found in camu camu renders this tropical fruit a proven anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation is the #1 cause of life-threatening illnesses, including heart disease!

Superfood #2: Cacao

Who can resist the decadent satisfaction of cacao?  Chocolate has shed its notorious reputation as “bad guy” and is now celebrated as the “No. 1 longevity food in the world.”  Dark chocolate is made from the raw cacao seeds of a fruit grown on the cacao tree in the tropical rainforests of South America and the West Indies.  Researchers are declaring the raw cacao bean to be “one of nature’s most fantastic super foods due to its mineral content and wide array of unique properties.”

Healing nutrients include…


Anti-asthmatic compounds theobromine and theyophilline, which help alleviate the symptoms of asthma. (Theobromine also kills the bacteria that cause cavities!)
Cocoa, which contains flavonels, antioxidants that boost blood flow to the brain.
Magnesium, which balances brain chemistry, builds strong bones, helps regulate heartbeat and blood pressure, helps prevent constipation and even eases minor menstrual cramps.
Sulfur, which increases focus and alertness and builds strong nails and hair, promotes beautiful skin, detoxifies the liver, and supports healthy pancreas functioning.
Zinc, a key mineral that contributes to immune system, liver, pancreas and skin health.
Copper, which ensures the blood stays healthy and purified.

Botox     Cacao can stabilize mood and curb anxiety in as little as two weeks!

Ditch the antidepressants and supplement with cacao, which is lauded for its mood-lifting properties.  Cacao enhances the amount of time that the happiness-inducing compound anandamide stays in your system, and research has shown that it reduces the production of stress hormones in as little as two weeks!

Chocolate is considered by many nutritionists to be the best food for your heart!

A study conducted by the German Institute of Human Nutrition found that chocolate consumption lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, in part due to chocolate’s ability to reduce blood pressure.  Scientists tracked the eating and exercise habits, as well as chocolate intake, of 470 men ages 65 and older over the course of 15 years.  The result?  The men in the group that consumed the least cocoa were twice as likely to die from a heart attack than those in the group that consumed the most cocoa.

Don’t Skimp on the Superfoods!

Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute of Beverly Hills has sifted through decades of research and uncovered the eight most nutrient-dense super foods in existence.  In addition to Camu camu and cacao, they’ve uncovered…


The world’s greatest anti-aging super food
The miracle tree that prevents and treats over 300 diseases
A super herb with spectacular health benefits more prized than gold
The most nutrient dense food on the planet
Supplement with adequate doses of the antioxidants lutein, astaxanthin, and zeaxanthin
The most antioxidant-rich super food on the planet

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