Anti-Aging Foods Make Your Cells Grow Younger

Did you know that there are certain anti-aging foods that can actually make you younger?

anti-aging foods
In an article titled “Make Cells Grow Younger” Brown Landone, a 20th century medical doctor turned New Thought leader, recounted the nutritional effect of enzymes in animal experimentation by reporting: “Experiments were made on old decrepit rats. Their age corresponded to that of a man of ninety years.

They were fed with ‘immature food’ — that is, food which had not finished growth, sprouting new stems, young leaves. The results were amazing. The old decrepit rats were transformed, and their bodies began to grow younger.”

At about the same time, other scientists discovered a root-auxin in plant roots. When they extracted this auxin from the tips of young growing roots, and pasted it on the edge of a leaf, roots grew even on the edge of a leaf.

This is the miracle of anti-aging foods also known as auxinon foods — they induce growth after their own kind of activity. A root auxin will grow roots and a youth auxinon will grow youthful cells.

Youth-growing substances from new growing sprouts will induce cells to grow younger. There is something in the chemical substance of a young growing auxinon which, when you eat it as an anti-aging food, makes the cells of your body reproduce younger cells instead of older cells…The best auxinon foods I know are produced in mung bean sprouts.