Fact or Myth: Bananas are Fattening Fruits?

Bananas are fattening fruits.

This is a MYTH.

First, there no such thing as an inherently “fattening” food — that is, no food can provide more calories than your body can burn, unless it’s eaten in excess.

The source of the “bananas make you fat” and bananas are fattening fruits myth is probably the fact that bananas contain less water than most fruits, meaning they have more carbs and more calories per bite.

But that doesn’t mean you should avoid them, even if you’re trying to shed pounds.

Because of their higher starch content, bananas can help you feel fuller than other fruits. They contain no fat, cholesterol, or sodium, and they’re a good source of:

are bananas fattening

                  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B6

• Vitamin C

    • Fiber

Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, recently wrote about the wonders of bananas on her health blog, and offered a great tip for those who just can’t get past their concerns about calories: “Just choose ‘baby’ bananas,” Sass says, “which are naturally portion-controlled (and neatly wrapped)!”