Are Multivitamins Bad for You?

multivitaminsAre multivitamins bad for you? The media, and certainly pharmaceutical companies that manufacture competing drugs, would have you believe so. NBC and CBS news, and even magazines like TIME and Forbes, are going so far as to report that vitamin supplements will, in effect, kill you. Don’t throw out your multivitamins just yet…these “reports” are all part of a media hoax orchestrated by Big Pharma to keep you addicted to expensive pharmaceuticals that are killing you softly with side effects and faulty guarantees.

It starts with a scientifically-flawed study, the latest being a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a journal funded by the American Medical Association (AMA) and drug company advertising. To say that the journal is influenced by the pharmaceutical drug companies that compete with vitamin and mineral supplement manufacturers is stating it mildly. Over the years, the AMA has been implicated in crimes that violate federal law, and has been convicted of conspiracy in federal courts! The publication of this erroneous study is just the latest in a string of ruses.

The study, titled Dietary Supplements and Mortality Rate in Older Women, looked at nutritional supplement use in 38,772 women. The results were garnered from three mailed surveys over the span of 18 years. (These observational studies are infamously inaccurate.) Researchers then manipulated the data in order to report the “dangers” of multivitamin use. Not only did they “adjust” the data according to age, educational level, high blood pressure, body mass inactivity, smoking status, and physical activity levels, but they also massaged the data according to fruit, vegetable, and whole grain intake! Suspiciously, they left out data that showed that vitamin consumption actually protects health. The undisclosed results showed that…

• Vitamin B complex was linked to a 7% reduction in mortality

• Vitamin C was linked to a 4% reduction in mortality

• Vitamin D was linked to an 8% reduction in mortality

• Magnesium was linked to a 3% reduction in mortality

• Selenium was linked to a 3% reduction in mortality

• Zinc was linked to a 3% reduction in mortality

And, of course, no mention was given of the following FACT:

Pharmaceuticals kill at least 100,000 Americans a year!

Synthetic vs. Organic, Whole Food Supplements

The media, ruled by the purse strings of Big Pharma, makes no mention of the fact that the study only accounted for inorganic, low-grade synthetic vitamins manufactured by pharmaceutical companies driven by the incentive to produce multivitamins that are intentionally ineffective. Why? To push more people to purchase expensive prescription drugs that adversely impact human physiology by suppressing symptoms, rather than curing the root cause of disease. For instance, the study included a synthetic, isolated vitamin E known to cause toxicity, rather than a full-spectrum, food-concentrate form of vitamin E proven to promote heart health!

Don’t fall for the brainwashing. The media would have you believe that GMOs, vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, and chemotherapy make up the prescription for health and wellness. Nothing could be further from the truth. No study has ever shown that superfood powders impart any negative health consequences. On the contrary, studies have shown that organic whole-food multivitamins, particularly superfood powders, fortify health, prevent disease, and treat the root of the health problem rather than just disguising symptoms.

To make sure you supplement with potent multivitamins, follow the Organic Consumers Association guidelines, which indicate that raw supplements are 100% plant-based or food-based–providing you the advertised benefits without the additives you don’t need. One such raw supplement uses eight of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on earth. Whether you choose nutrient-rich food, juicing, green smoothies or a raw supplement--all effective and safe alternatives to synthetic multivitamins–getting the nutrition your body needs is the key to total body wellness.