Ashwagandha for Adrenal Fatigue

Did You Know…you may be overlooking the underlying cause of your chronic health problems?

If you’re like most of us, you don’t give much thought to your adrenal glands.  In fact as you read this, you may be thinking, “What exactly are adrenal glands, anyway?”

Read on to discover the extreme importance of your adrenals, and how you can restore and recharge your adrenals and rev up your “internal horsepower” for optimal health, energy, mood, libido, and much more! 

Adrenals: Mission Control for Your Health 

     Your adrenal, or endocrine glands, are located on top of your kidneys and regulate your body’s stress response by generating and releasing certain hormones. 

Adrenal Overwhelm 

When your adrenal glands become overwhelmed, they are unable to properly regulate hormones levels.  Hormonal imbalances disrupt your overall wellbeing. The results can be seen in changes to your… 

  • Metabolism
  • Energy levels
  • Balance
  • Memory
  • Circulation
  • Blood pressure
  • Libido

How to Diagnose Adrenal Burnout 

The wide range of processes affected by your adrenals can make it difficult to accurately diagnose burnout.  One clear indicator of adrenal fatigue is persistent tiredness that some describe as “a grey feeling.”

As your adrenal function becomes more compromised, other symptoms begin to appear, such as… 

  Mental dullness
  Feeling “wired”
  Poor recall
  Sugar or salt cravings
  Dry skin
  Brittle nails
  Hair loss
  Low blood pressure
  Circulatory problems
  Cold hands and feet
  Muscle spasms
  Grave’s disease
  Heart palpitations
  Panic attacks 

     While diagnosing adrenal fatigue can be challenging, treating it is not.  Various experts recommend a number of natural herbs and supplements, including familiar names like ginseng.  A lesser known, but extremely impressive option, is ashwagandha—an ancient herbal remedy backed by solid scientific research.

Rev Up Your Internal “Horse Power” 

Ashwagandha grows in the dry regions of India, northern Africa, and the Middle East, and has been an invaluable part of the Ayurvedic healing tradition for over 5 centuries.  The Sanskrit word “ashwagandha” roughly translates to “the smell of the horse,” which refers not to the smell of the plant but to its remarkable properties. 

Horsepower Supercharge 

     Reportedly, ashwagandha gives you the strength and virility of a horse—in other words, it’ll rev up the horsepower of your internal engine. 

     Studies show that ashwagandha can relieve stress as effectively as pharmaceutical drug treatments and with none of the unwanted side effects.  For one of the most extensive human clinical trails of the herb to date, researchers evaluated ashwagandha’s ability to modulate the negative effects of stress, including elevated levels of the hormone cortisol.  Many of the negative consequences of stress are thought to result from higher levels of cortisol. Participants in the trial reported impressive benefits, including… 

  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Enhanced sense of wellbeing

     The researchers also found measurable, physiological improvements, such as improved lipid profiles… reduced fasting blood sugar levels… and up to a 26% reduction of cortisol levels!

One Less Thing to Stress About 

The helter-skelter pace of modern life… poor nutrition… and environmental toxins can all take a toll on your adrenal glands.  Elevated stress levels can lead to free radical damage and other unwelcome outcomes.  Ashwagandha can protect you from the consequences of adrenal burnout.  Experts say that if you make it part of your health and wellness routine, and you’ll have one less thing to stress about.