Take Charge of Your Digestive Health

Most people have heard that “death begins in the colon”. Hundreds of thousands of people die because their colons are packed with old, festering fecal matter that poisons the body—and manifests into diseases ranging from arthritis to cancer.

But although death may begin in the colon, true health also begins with colon health. Digestive health is, of course, an important prerequisite to achieving colon health.

But our modern lifestyle has wreaked havoc on our digestive and elimination organs. Processed foods…fat- and cholesterol-laden diets…lack of exercise…toxic pollution…and increased levels of stress are contributing to…

The Growing Epidemic of Digestive Disorders

In 1985, 60 to 70 million Americans suffered from digestive problems. Today, that number is close to 100 million. Digestive trouble leads to more than 50 million doctor visits each year, and more hospitalizations than any other category of medical problems in the U.S.

Sadly, much of the advice for solving digestive problems has been dead wrong—such as consuming more fiber. The truth is, if you’re dealing with digestive distress, constipation, bloating, or gas, increasing your fiber could do more harm than good.

Now, however, a first-of-its-kind clinical study has revealed a revolutionary solution for reversing digestive disorders and getting back on the road to health.

The Not-So-Silent Threat that Affects 90% of Your Cells

Constipation…gas…gurgling…nausea…regurgitation…abdominal discomfort…irregularity…these are not “minor discomforts,” but signs of a very serious imbalance called dysbiosis (diss-bye-OH-sis).

Dysbiosis can affect 90% of the cells in your body. The misery it provokes can increasingly ruin the rest of your life. Scientists are finding that dysbiosis starts at age 30, and gets incredibly common in people over 50 as diet, lifestyle, and age wipe out the good bacteria in our guts, and leave us with too much toxic waste.

Dysbiosis can lead to poor overall health and a number of specific digestive maladies, including…

  • Constipation and the attendant symptoms of self-toxification
  • Diverticular disease (herniations of the colon)
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Crohn’s Disease

How Dysbiosis Ruins Your “Secret Eden”—And Your General Health

The perfect digestive tract of a healthy child is like a “Secret Eden” of good flora, a hundred trillion of them!

These flora outnumber all your other cells combined—you contain 10 times more flora cells than your own cells. Those flora are incredibly powerful. Together, they constitute a secret “7th digestive organ” that weighs as much as your brain.

This secret digestive organ composed of good gut flora is critical to health, because it…

  • Turns your food into vitamins
  • Manufactures hormones
  • Enables you to absorb minerals
  • Might aid in the metabolism of fats
  • Acts as a “second immune support system”
  • Destroys free radicals
  • Balances your pH so pathogens weaken
  • Fine tunes the flow of immune substances
  • Builds intestinal defenses
  • Keeps bad bacteria down

Some health practitioners believe that this “7th digestive organ” consisting of your flora is the most life-giving, powerful organ in your entire body.

Unfortunately, studies show that as we age, our gut flora fall miserably out of whack. Entire strains of good flora vanish, and bad bacteria replace them—and that’s when dysbiosis takes over. Dysbiosis becomes a ticking time bomb in your gut, set to go off in your “golden years.”

But you can defuse that bomb right now, and reverse not only dysbiosis, but all of its unpleasant symptoms—from constipation to chronic gas to low energy to low immunity.

A Revolutionary Scientific Breakthrough for Better Digestion and Health

Joseph Brasco, M.D. may be America’s best-known expert on restoring your bowel health.

He’s been featured often on CNN, and has co-authored five books, including Restoring Your Digestive Health and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. His reputation attracts patients from all over the world, who fly in to be treated at the Center for Colon & Digestive Disease.

Dr. Brasco holds board certifications in both Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, and is uniquely qualified to speak on the latest bowel health breakthroughs. digestive health

He explains that hundreds of studies support the use of probiotics—supplements or foods that might rebuild your supply of good bacteria. If proven effective, probiotics could replenish your beneficial flora and restore your digestion. “But,” warns Dr. Brasco, “only if proven effective!

Until recently, says Dr. Brasco, “Not one clinical study had ever been performed on human beings… showing that any probiotic strain can relieve slow-transit constipation and the other miseries mentioned above. Slow-transit constipation has remained nearly impossible to fix, defying even harsh mainstream therapies.”

How to Accelerate Sluggish Digestion by An Amazing 20 Hours!

Now, for the first time ever…

…there’s been a historic, large-scale human clinical study of 100 patients—double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled. The researchers examined an astonishing probiotic strain, and the results have commanded the attention of the entire medical community.

The study proved with X-ray technology that this probiotic strain accelerated sluggish digestion by an amazing 20 hours, and essentially eliminated flatulence in study participants. Results like these are unprecedented.

The benefits reported by those who experienced such profound digestive transformation were outstanding.

According to Dr. Brasco, this is a breakthrough of profound medical significance. “I’ve treated thousands of real patients,” he says. “But never before in all my years of medical practice have I come upon anything else so amazingly powerful for slow-transit constipation—and your complete digestive health.”

How to Put the Brakes on Aging

When you use this scientifically validated probiotic to speed up your digestion, you are also slowing down the effects of aging. It’s now confirmed by at least 7 scientific studies that you can promote healthy, youthful gut flora at any age, and reverse the microbial changes that make the aging process a dreadful experience.

That’s because the beneficial flora in your colon and your overall digestive health are directly linked to every other bodily system.

Discover the clinically proven solution for reversing constipation, smelly gas, gurgling, nausea, regurgitation, gut pain and irregular bowel movements—thereby optimizing your digestive health, and consequently, the health of your colon.

Find out how 16 astonishing super-strains of probiotics can promote healthy, youthful gut flora, rejuvenate your health from the inside out—and make you feel young again in just 14 days by taking charge of your digestive health today.