Fact or Myth: Is It Dangerous to Remove Mercury Dental Fillings?

This is a FACT.

Removing mercury dental fillings releases an overabundance of toxic mercury vapor into the body, but that doesn’t mean you should leave a mercury amalgam sitting pretty on your tooth. A biological dentist trained in holistic and environmental dentistry can safely and expertly extract all mercury dental fillings.

Amalgam fillingThe Danger

Studies have determined that the heavy metal mercury is by far the most toxic metal to the body. Coal-fired power plants are the primary source of mercury exposure with amalgam fillings following in a close second. Used to treat cavities for more than 150 years, mercury dental fillings are made up of 50% mercury. Seventy five percent of adults still have mercury-coated teeth, and over half the dentists in North America still use mercury amalgams.

You’d think with the substantial amount of evidence calling out the safety of mercury fillings, more dentists would be on board with safer alternatives. Unfortunately, dentists are taught that mercury is perfectly safe because it binds to other metals that prevent it from leaking. This theory has been most definitively disproved. We can measure the mercury vapor emanating from the tip of the amalgam’s root, proof that mercury does indeed leak. With every bite of food and grind of the teeth mercury leaks from the filling and into the bloodstream where it…

  • Breaks down tissue
  • Settles into the brain and bone marrow
  • Destroys cell membranes
  • Interferes with enzymes the body requires for energy and detoxification
  • Sparks systemic inflammation that gives rise to chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Safe Removal

Rather than exposing your bloodstream, cells, tissues, and organs to extreme mercury toxicity, have your mercury dental fillings removed by an expert biological dentist who uses a rubber dam and vacuums around the mouth to capture mercury during extraction. During your procedure, your dentist should:

  • Furnish an alternative air source
  • Use room air purifiers
  • Instruct you not to breath through your mouth
  • Minimize mercury vapors with a cold-water spray
  • Put a rubber dam in your mouth to prevent you from inhaling toxins
  • Use a high-volume evacuator near the tooth at all times
  • Wash your mouth out immediately after extraction
  • Clean your protective wear and face at completion

Make sure you are in optimal health before you have your mercury dental fillings removed, as this will ensure your body is best able to protect against and detoxify toxins.