Health Benefits of Panax Ginseng

Did You Know…that a certain type of ginseng can improve cognitive function and help treat diabetes and erectile dysfunction?

Like most people, you’ve probably heard about ginseng for years.  But what you may not know is that there are several distinct types of ginseng with very different effects.

Panax ginseng is an especially valuable member of the ginseng family.  Not to be confused with American ginseng, Siberian ginseng, or Panax pseudoginseng—Panax ginseng was originally used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to treat weakness and fatigue.  TCM practitioners believe that Panax ginseng (also called Asian or Korean ginseng) contains warming properties that help stimulate circulation.

Modern research indicates that Panax ginseng may also effectively improve memory, stabilize blood sugar levels, and give men struggling with erectile dysfunction a much needed “boost.”

Recharge Your Brain Power 

Panax ginseng has been shown to…

Enhance cognitive function
Improve concentration
Support memory
Boost mental stamina

Results from a 2005 study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology suggest that Panax ginseng may reduce the likelihood of mental fatigue.

For the study, 30 healthy young adults took either a placebo or a dosage of Panax ginseng.  Those who supplemented with the ginseng experienced less mental exhaustion when taking a test than did those given a placebo.  Another study published in Psychopharmacology showed that healthy middle-aged adults enjoyed a memory boost from a combination of Panax ginseng and ginkgo biloba—another great memory-enhancing herb.

Stabilize Your Blood Sugar 

Research also suggests that Panax ginseng can help control diabetes.  A small study made up of diabetics with well-managed type 2 diabetes showed that the 19 who took Panax ginseng for 12 weeks had greater control of blood sugar levels than did the other study participants who took a placebo.  Another study found that a dose of either 100 or 200 mg of Panax ginseng for eight weeks given to recently diagnosed non-insulin dependent diabetics significantly improved blood glucose fasting levels, elevated mood, and enhanced psychophysical performance on numbered diagram tests.

Say “No More” to Erectile Dysfunction 

Panax ginseng has been praised for its ability to improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED).  A 2002 study made up of 45 men with ED and published in the Journal of Urology found that eight weeks use of ginseng substantially improved ED symptoms.  In another study made up of 90 ED sufferers, 60% reported improvement with Panax ginseng versus only 30% with placebo.

And Panax ginseng doesn’t stop there. Experts believe this potent herb has the power to treat symptoms of:

  • anxiety and depression
  • asthma
  • cancer
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • fever
  • fibromyalgia
  • hangover
  • headache
  • inflammation
  • insomnia
  • stress

Panax ginseng is prepared in one of two ways: white ginseng is dried and peeled, while red ginseng is left unpeeled, steamed, and then dried. TCM experts believe each type of Panax ginseng has different healing properties. Red ginseng has more heating potential (good for improving blood flow), while white ginseng is considered cooler. Both forms come in whole root form, tinctures, liquid extracts, powders, and capsules. Whatever form of Panax ginseng you choose, make sure it is highly concentrated with its most active component—ginsenosides. Ginsenosides impart antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer effects, and are touted as the primary healing agent in Panax ginseng.