Why Should You Struggle at Manifesting Health, 
Wealth, Personal Success and Happiness in Your Life

When These People Do It So Easily?

Ever since the Law of Attraction was popularized in 2006 through the release of the video The Secret, millions of people have tried to use the principle to manifesting health, wealth, personal success, and happiness into their lives.

The Law of Attraction originates from the science of metaphysics, which states that “like attracts like” — i.e., positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results, respectively. manifesting

According to The Secret, “Every human being has the ability to transform any weakness or suffering into strength, power, perfect peace, health, and abundance.”

But while it’s fascinating to think that anyone can materialize the things they want into existence, it’s much easier said than done … as many disappointed Law of Attraction aficionados have discovered. You can’t just think things into existence … any more than you can wave a magic wand and make yourself perfectly healthy … financially independent … or the owner of your dream home.

The big problem with The Secret is that … it does not come with an instruction manual!

There’s a vast field of possibilities in life, limited only by your imagination. But in order to make those possibilities a reality, one needs the blueprint and tools to build the dream. Just as there was an abundance of gold during the Gold Rush of 1949, one needed a map to get to the goldmine … and shovels and picks to mine the gold.

Likewise, in order to mine the possibilities that the Law of Attraction offers …

…You need a Blueprint and the Necessary Tools!

What if you had both blueprint and the tools of the most advanced Law of Attraction practitioners in the world … and direct access to 24 “insider systems” that most people will never know about? Systems that will work for you even if you have tried many times before to make your dreams come true but failed … or don’t even know where to start.

What if you could listen to or read — as often as you needed — the word-for-word transcripts of a groundbreaking collection of 24 of the planet’s most renowned master teachers on the process of manifesting perfect health and total abundance?

This powerhouse group of powerful experts has compiled a complete arsenal of detailed instructions and practical tools to help you do just as they themselves have done, like…

  • Step-by-step instructions for going from zero to a million dollars, just as bestselling author and self-made millionaire Harv Eker did
  • The exact process for putting The Secret into action in your own life, broken down for you by John Assaraf himself, bestselling author The Secret
  • Point-blank instructions for overcoming the obstacles and roadblocks to manifesting your health and wealth dreams, described in detail by Rich German, author of Living the Law of Attraction and one of the most popular business and life coaches in the world
  • Real strategies to get rid of the “head trash” that’s holding you back, taught by Noah St. John, Ph.D., CEO of SuccessClinic.com, and author of #1 bestseller The Secret Code of Success

If you could use the instructions of these and 20 more master coaches to untangle the confusing messages of The Secret, you could apply the power of intention and start seeing real change in your life — instantly.

Every day, more scientific research further proves the power of the human mind to create its own reality. Positivity coupled with intention holds transformative power that is absolute — and millions of people around the globe have applied The Secret to manifest ideal health and happiness and even overcome frightening health obstacles to reclaim their vitality. Some of these everyday individuals include:

  • Beckie Hood from East Atroudsburg, Pennsylvania, who proved her doctors wrong when they told her she was going to die. On September 10, 2001 she was told she had terminal throat cancer — but the tears she cried as she lay in her hospital bed were tears of joy because with the Law of Attraction, she knew she was going to make it … and she did.


  • Marie McMahon, a 46-year-old mother of two from Dublin, Ireland, reacted with anger and negativity when her partner, Bobbie, was diagnosed with “curable” throat cancer. Within a week, their world fell apart when lung cancer was discovered and Bobbie’s diagnosis became terminal. That’s when Marie discovered the exact Law of Attraction tool that would change everything. Less than 4 months later, when Marie and Bobbie met with his oncologist, the cancer in his lungs was entirely gone.


  • Stacey of Mill Creek, Oklahoma, couldn’t breathe when she first walked into the ER. She thought she had pneumonia but learned she was in end-stage of heart failure. Her heart doctor told her that virtually no one gets better — she had a 6% chance of recovery without a transplant. She went home to die. But after a month of waiting for the end, a friend taught Stacey how to use the tools of The Secret. Within a year, her doctor was dumbfounded by her recovery.

These individuals were fortunate to have access to the blueprints and tools they needed to apply the Law of Attraction and reclaim their health. It’s that missing “instruction manual” that’s so critical. Those blueprints and tools allow you to take the principles from concept to reality as 24 powerful coaches lay out the exact steps for you to quickly create the life you’ve always wanted and…

  • Free yourself from chronic pain, depression, and illness… when you allow for it, the healing power of your mind knows no limit.
  • Put an end to vices that have kept you ensnared. Whether it’s
  • weight gain, addiction, smoking, alcohol, or other, you can make a permanent change for the best.
  • Uncover a healthy new you — with youthful skin, a gleam in your eye, sleek and toned … it’s all available, no matter how much you’ve struggled in the past.
  • Get into the best shape of your life… you can erase old habitsto reveal a new and improved you.

The principles of manifestation are finally demystified when you have unlimited access to full-length audio recordings, unabridged transcripts, and specific, easy-to-use techniques and never-before-revealed tools to reprogram your brain and manifest your intentions, starting now.

The difference needed to finally put the pieces together in your life and say good-bye to limitations comes with the coaching of 24 world-famous authors and lecturers who’ve already done it themselves and helped hundreds of thousands of other people manifest their dreams.

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