Could Minerals & Spices Replace Insulin?

While medication may be what your body thinks it needs right now to control your blood sugar, it is not a natural, sustainable answer for insulin control. Thankfully, you can gain independence from medication with natural diabetes treatment – specifically supplements.

Dr. Ryan Bradley is a researcher at the natural medicine diabetes clinic of Bastyr University and has seen hundreds of patients restore their bodies to natural health by reducing their insulin medication with a slow and steady process of integrating natural diabetes treatment supplements. Some patients have even completely removed their need for pharmaceutical dependence.

Though it may seem overwhelming to consider the many supplements available to you, here are 7 that will get you started down the right path. Don’t forget to work with and speak to your health practitioner before starting any supplemental regime.


Chromium is a great supplement to start with because it improves your body’s own insulin production. As a result of taking chromium, you may require lower doses of medication, including insulin and sulfonylureas. While two or three decades ago, Americans were getting plenty of chromium, studies show that today’s population isn’t getting nearly enough, and a chromium supplement is the best way for your body to increase its insulin sensitivity.

Ginko Biloba

This supplement, which acts as a blood thinning agent, was found to drop hemoglobin A1c by half a percentage point in a 2006 study. In general, it helps diabetics by increasing blood flow to the limbs and the eyes. However, it’s imperative that you speak with a health professional if you are taking other blood thinning medications to avoid any complications. natural diabetes treatment

Calcium & Vitamin D

Why both calcium and vitamin D, you may wonder? It’s important to note that one or the other will not be effective on its own – the combination of both calcium and vitamin D is what makes this so effective for diabetes patients. A combined daily intake of calcium and vitamin D can decrease diabetes by 33%1. Vitamin D alone can help your suffering beta cells, but when combined with calcium, you are likely to see a dramatic reduction in rising blood sugar levels.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

This natural diabetes treatment supplement does two very important things for a diabetes patient – it helps reduce insulin resistance, as well as reducing your body fat so you can improve insulin sensitivity. Its fat burning properties make it a favorite among holistic health specialists. Acetyl L-Carnitine can also reduce nerve pain in diabetics.


Magnesium is not just important for those suffering from diabetes – it’s necessary for over 300 bodily reactions on any given day. However, its benefits are especially important for those with diabetes; magnesium regulates blood sugar levels, heart rhythm and blood pressure. It also improves immune function and bone health.


Many professionals believe cinnamon to be a valuable asset to diabetes patients. Not only does it improve your body’s ability to metabolize glucose, but reduces the risk of free radical and oxidative damage that often happens to cells when blood sugar levels are consistently high. While you can aim for 3 to 6 grams of cinnamon from your kitchen cupboard a day, supplement form is often a better option.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Oxidation plays an integral role in cell damage. This process leaves unstable cells that are not properly processing insulin, which can then become chronically inflamed. However, alpha-lipoic acid helps restore insulin function by removing glucose and delivering it to the cells before they become inflamed.

These are only some of the supplements available to you; and each one helps with a particular function of a body suffering from diabetes. A slow and steady integration of supplements can be just what your body needs to kick pharmaceutical dependence to the curb and move forward with a long, healthy and vibrant life.

It’s time to think differently about diabetes and experience a natural diabetes treatment.
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