The Power of Positive Thoughts Strengthen Your Immune System

Did You Know…that the power of positive thoughts can produce health-enhancing biochemicals superior to any that a pharmaceutical company could ever manufacturewithout any adverse side effects?

Contrary to what most people think, positive thoughts are not just whimsical mental images that make you feel good. Recent research has shown that our thoughts can provide relief beyond the superficial and temporary. When you consider that the average human being thinks of approximately 60,000 thoughts per day…the impact our thoughts have on both our mental and physical health becomes clear.

A Single Positive Thought Has the Potential to Produce Over a Million Dollars’ Worth of a Cancer-Fighting Chemical!

The power of positive thoughts has been proven to strengthen the immune system and lower stress levels, thereby combating stress-related diseases such as heart diseasediabetespsychosomatic illnesses…and certain forms of cancer.power of positive thoughts

The emerging field of psychoneuroimmunology studies the connection between the neurological and immune systems, and is expanding scientific knowledge of the link between our thoughts and our health.

Such a connection has been demonstrated by the many case studies demonstrating the “placebo effect,” which occurs when a patient believes the treatment he or she is receiving will indeed relieve the pain, and it does. Such positive and potent thoughts release natural chemicals called endorphins, which contain the powerful cancer-fighting chemicals interleukin and interferon.

If you were to buy the anti-cancer drug Interleukin-2 (manufactured by Chiron Corporation with the brand name Proleukin) to treat cancer, a full course would cost you upwards of $40,000…plus a long list of the side effects.

The power of positive thoughts, on the other hand, are a natural alternative to cancer drugs–and could “make a million dollars worth of Interleukin-2,” according to Deepak Chopra, M.D. And the best part is that there are none of the side effects that accompany drug use–and they cost nothing!

Thoughts are Physically Real–They Cause Biological and Physiological Effect

Dr. Larry Dossey, a supporter of mind-body study, explains the fundamental principle behind the surprising effects of placebos: “The body responds to mental input as if it were physically real. Images create bodily changes–just as if the experience were really happening. For example, if you imagine yourself lying on a beach in the sun, you become relaxed, your peripheral blood vessels dilate, and your hands become warm, as in the real thing.”

When you think peaceful and tranquil thoughts, your body–specifically, your leukocytes, adrenal cells and macrophages–will start producing a tranquilizing biochemical similar to Valium. Unlike the drug manufactured by Hoffman-La Roche, which comes with side effects (some potentially serious), the tranquilizing chemical produced by the body has no side effects and supports the proper functioning of the immune system.

Research suggests that thoughts are powerful enough to be perceived as physical objects. Take the findings of Dr. Giuseppe Joseph Calligaris, a 19th century doctor who, in his doctoral thesis, “Thoughts Do Heal,” concluded that a thought leads to actual physical sensations. This mind-body connection manifests in specific organs, which are linked to emotions.

Do you see the connection? Thoughts trigger emotions, which activate organs, which in turn affect our health. Therefore, we hold in our power the ability to transmute our thoughts into positive ones, thereby creating a cascade of endorphins that deliver beneficial healing effects.

Consciously directing one’s mind to think positive thoughts that cause the body to produce health-enhancing biochemicals has been successfully done through biofeedback, guided imagery, meditation, deep breathing and hypnosis. When done right, these practices result in increased longevity, lowered stress levels, a healthy immune system and a reduced risk of heart disease.