How You Can Finally Prevent Fatal Disease And Not Let Big Pharma Gamble With Your Life

3 Shocking Ways Big Pharma Gambles With Your Life

If you take prescription medications on a daily basis, you are gambling with your life and putting yourself at risk of dying every day.

Drug manufacturers and Big Pharma have tried to hide the fact that in the U.S. 452,780 deaths and over 2 million serious incidents have occurred in the past 10 years (2000-2010) due to prescription medications.

  • How much is your life worth?
  • Can you measure it in hours?
  • How about life experience?

The big pharmaceutical companies measure your life in dollars and cents. In 2002 the top 10 US drug companies on the Fortune 500 list had combined international sales of $217 billion dollars.

Our exposé on the greed, lies, and secrets of Big Pharma, shows corruption on such a massive scale, that I found it difficult to narrow it down to just the Big 3 offenses mentioned in this article.

Picture 2 When drug companies plan to release a new drug to the marketplace, they do clinical trial studies. If they determine that the number of people who have a serious (possibly deadly) reaction to their product is below a certain percentage, they release the drug.

Are You Unknowingly Choosing To Become An Acceptable Risk?

The users who make up that clinical percentage – people like you who could become sick, even die, from use of their newest investment – are known as “acceptable risk”.

In other words, if only 5 people out of 100 people die, regular people just like you and me– it’s worth pushing that drug to production. The other 95 people who take the medication without harmful side effects will more than financially make up for the lawsuits they may have to settle.

Maybe you won’t be one of those 5 people. If you aren’t, there is a good chance you will never know the 5 people who get sick or die from the same pill your doctor prescribed for you.Until the next pill you take does affect you or someone you do know and care about.

What happens when the Pharmaceutical Giants are caught risking the lives of the very people they profess they are trying to help?

  • Lies
  • Cover-ups
  • Record altering

Does it surprise you that the shameless distortion of the truth must be dragged out in a court of law before drug makers even admit to any wrong-doing? picture 3

Not convinced they would try to get away with practices like this?

Over 15,000 Deaths Linked to A Popular Anti-Depressant Drug

Eli Lilly & Co has been found guilty in their cover-up of the effects of Prozac. Clinical trials were conducted in 1987 and Prozac was pushed to the market as quickly as possible. By 1991, the deaths of 15,000 people were linked to Prozac use. Those numbers continue to grow. In 2010, Eli Lilly & Co profits from the sales of Prozac were more than $5 billion.

But being fined in court didn’t stop them. They have plenty of money for lawsuits. In 2009, after being accused of pushing a dementia drug that was picture 4unproven, the restitution that they were ordered to pay totaled $1.42 billion – the highest settlement in U.S. history. It represented only two-thirds of their profit for that year alone.

What exactly are they hiding?

Why don’t they tell you and the public the truth about their drugs?

The reason is actually very simple: if you, taking these drugs, knew the truth…it’s highly unlikely these companies would remain in business. Unless a medication was truly “life or death”, you would never touch another prescription medication.

This Secret Will Make You Sick

The average drug has 70 potential side effects. Many popular prescriptions have more than 100.

How do you determine if you have normal nausea or if it could be one of the many side effects of the prescription your doctor gave you? Do you memorize all 525 possible reactions you could experience from taking a pill? big pharma

The big drug companies aren’t going to make it easy for you. Over your lifetime you will spend anywhere from $16,000 to $40,000 filling prescriptions…many of which you don’t need and worse yet will make you sicker than you already were.


Big Pharma has deep pockets and spend over $10.9 billion on advertising yearly. They have slick advertising campaigns, trusted doctors on their payroll, and countless in-house clinical trials of which they manipulate the results to suit their sales and marketing efforts.

Pharmaceutical sales reps market the latest drugs to doctors who in turn push them on you, their patients. The perks they receive are staggering; incentives are supplied to every person who gets that drug into your hands…and your body.

While they get rich, average people like you and me get sick. Big drug companies are no better than illegal drug cartels in so many ways.

Scared? Don’t be a victim.

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