Purple Foods: Potent Anti-Aging Protectors

Purple isn’t just for passion. Turns out eating purple keeps you looking and feeling younger, healthier and stronger for longer.

Whether you opt for the deeper shades (blackberries, black currants and eggplant), the blue-toned berries (blueberries and elderberries) or the true purples (grapes, plums and purple cabbage) you’re defending your body against oxidative stress and promoting healing from the inside out.

Anti-Aging Ingredients Found In Purple Foods

You can rest assured that every purple fruit or vegetable you nibble on is rich in anthocyanins, potent phytochemicals that infuse foods with purple pigment.

Anthocyanins protect against cardiovascular disease, improve mental clarity, neutralize oxidative stress, and even help prevent cancer.

These super-antioxidants don’t just protect plants from sun damage, disease and irradiation, but they also protect the humans who ingest them. Oxidative damage is one of the primary precursors to aging and age-related diseases. Benefits of Purple Foods

As we grow older, our bodies are less able to defend against oxidative damage caused by scavenging free radicals. Eating purple supplies your body with the antioxidant power it needs to fight damaging free radicals.

Not only do anthocyanins protect your DNA, protein and lipids from aging, but they also calm excess inflammation. When inflammation runs rampant, it does immeasurable harm on the body.

Scientific research has proven that almost every disease can be traced back to out-of-control inflammation. No need to overdo it on anti-inflammation OTCs such as NSAIDS, just amp up your daily dose of purple foods.

Anthocyanins also stop enzymes from destroying collagen. As we age, collagen—the building block of connective tissue—is more susceptible to deterioration.

The result? Thin, lackluster, saggy skin! A diet made up of purple foods helps protect collagen and restore youthful skin. Keeping your collagen supply healthy and strong also helps to prevent eye disorders and osteoporosis.

Many purple foods contain resveratrol, an antioxidant that has been shown to suppress the growth of cancer cells in animals. Like anthocyanins, resveratrol rejuvenates skin by promoting collagen production and protecting against free radical damage.

The Purple Foods Superstars

From acai to gogi berries, every purple food enjoys rockstar status. Blueberries are plentiful in antioxidants, which protect against memory loss and other age-related issues.

These colorful berries have an added benefit: Studies have shown they help weight maintenance by reducing food cravings! Results from one study showed that people who took blueberry extract decreased food consumption by 8%.

Purple cabbage also contains large amounts of antioxidants—36 different kinds to be exact. It supports a healthy heart and burns unwanted fat!

For a hearty dose of omega 3s, down some acai berry, and if you’re looking for a bit of sizzling sweetness, sauté up some purple asparagus.

When shopping for purple consider trying…

And while you’re at it… don’t just stick with the purple… add some colorful red, green and orange to that plate!