The Real “Secret” Behind Why The Law of Attraction—as Commonly Practiced—So Often Fails

Discover the Missing Principle that Keeps People From Manifesting Vibrant Health, Abundant Prosperity, and Fulfilling Relationships

Imagine how your life would be if you could manifest all your desires into existence. What if all you had to do was wish for a loving relationship, an ideal job, perfect health, your dream house, a luxurious vacation, a brand new car—anything you want—and it magically materialized in your life?

Millions of people have been seduced by the lure of this promise in the form of the Law of Attraction as a way to manifest wealth, health, and all the good things in life. However, the practice of the Law of Attraction as it is currently taught yields disappointing–or even harmful—results.

The truth is that most books and videos on the Law of Attraction, including the wildly popular book and video The Secret, are plagued by myths and hidden dangers. These popular guides completely neglect the most powerful manifestation principle of all—the missing secret principle that no one is talking about.

When you combine this missing secret with your practice of the Law of Attraction, you enter the realm of miracles where your desires can and must necessarily manifest into existence. the law of attraction

Why The Law of Attraction Fails

The race to manifest dreams with the Law of Attraction reached a fever pitch with 2006 release of the video and book pair, The Secret. It’s only grown more popular with the publication of recent bestselling books such as Ask and It is Given, Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, and The Law of Attraction.

But Law of Attraction concepts, the way they are currently taught, mislead people into believing that the universe is like a cosmic restaurant that takes your orders (desires) and delivers them to you just as surely as a waiter takes your orders and delivers food to your table.

This is certainly an exercise in delusion.

Neither is the universe a magic genie that grants your every wish (as depicted in The Secret DVD). That’s just not how the principles of the Law of Attraction work.

While it is certainly possible to manifest your desires from their unformed state to actuality, it cannot be done using the methodology in the current crop of books, DVDs and resources.

Does this mean that the Law of Attraction is nothing but a hoax?

Absolutely not! It’s the hit-or-miss methodology that’s the problem.

The Hit-Or-Miss Methodology Does Not Work!

The methodology being taught in the current body of knowledge produces an overwhelming number of misses compared to hits.

You could spend years trying to manifest your desires using the current methodology—and eventually become disillusioned when your desires do not materialize.

Case in point: Law of Attraction aficionados often quote the 1910 book, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, which states that when one practices the principles of the Law, “Failure is impossible.” Yet, when one surveys Law of Attraction practitioners, it becomes apparent that for every individual that has reportedly succeeded in manifesting their desire using the current methodology of the Law of Attraction, there are at least 1,000 who have not manifested their desire into their lives.

That’s a 0.1% success rate—or a 99.9% failure rate! Certainly a far cry from “Failure is impossible,” isn’t it?

The “Missing Secret” No One Is Talking About

The good news is when the “missing secret” behind the practice of the Law of Attraction is combined with the Law of Attraction, it completes the recipe for manifestation. Your desires can and must then manifest into existence.

Individuals of great accomplishment throughout human history have invariably aligned themselves with this manifestation principle. The same is true of individuals who have been miraculously healed of lingering—and even terminal—illnesses. Somewhere along the way, they hooked up with this secret principle usually without knowing it—and that principle is what caused the desire to materialize.

Conversely, individuals who fail to manifest their desires are unsuccessful because they do not activate the power of this principle. Visualizing and affirming your desires without adding the manifestation principle to the equation is akin to building a rocket that does not have sufficient propulsion to catapult it into space.

The missing principle unlocks the enormous power behind the Law of Attraction so that you can finally…

  • Achieve vibrant health, abundant prosperity, and fulfilling relationships
  • Notice that the right people, the right resources, the right breaks and the right circumstances just suddenly appear in your life without any prompting or effort from you
  • Spontaneously behave in ways that enable you to naturally lose excess weight … eliminate procrastination … get rid of mental obsessions or addictions … resolve marital and personal relationship problems … and rise above any and all human dilemmas
  • Discover how to heal yourself spontaneously of an ailment, disease, or illness
  • Find the interface that turns desires from their unformed potentiality to actualization
  • Find the “wormhole” between the emotional and the spiritual dimensions—the interface that turns desires from their unformed potentiality to actualization
  • Learn how to make others feel energized, feel better about themselves, be more loving and at peace with the world just by being in your vicinity
  • Learn how to bring yourself to a state of perfect well-being
  • Enter the realm where miracles become everyday occurrences

“I have read a LOT of material about the Law of Attraction. I’ve even taken classes to become a Law of Attraction practitioner. And yet I still learned so much from this [missing secret]. I’m convinced it’s divinely inspired. It is elegant in its simplicity, and it addresses the ‘elephant in the room,’ namely what everyone is thinking, but no one is bold enough to say out loud, which is — “I believe in the Law of Attraction, I’ve been using it, but IT’S JUST NOT WORKING FOR ME!”
— Mary Beth Spann, LOA practitioner, New York.

Change Your Odds From “Slim Chance” to “Sure Bet”

The way the Law of Attraction is currently taught, your odds of achieving your dreams with it are about as slim as winning a million dollars in a Las Vegas casino. It’s a gamble and the odds are stacked against you.

But you can change your odds so that your dreams can and surely must materialize. Just click here to discover the missing secret and the real power behind the Law of Attraction that will enable you to truly manifest all your heart’s desires.

Once you discover the greatest manifestation principle in the world and begin to apply it … you will begin to realign yourself and stay in harmony with the realm where all things are possible. Layers of wisdom and insights will unfold that will accelerate your ability to effortlessly attract the things you really want. When you allow the power of the greatest manifestation principle in the world to permeate your awareness, amazing things will begin to manifest in every area of your life. Find out how to access the secret right now.