Reprogram Your DNA and Cure Disease

Russian Scientists Prove That
Human Speech Dramatically Alters DNA

Discover How to Reprogram Your DNA to Cure Disease Spontaneously and Optimize Your Health

     In recent years, Russian scientists have embarked on truly groundbreaking DNA research that will change the world and your health forever.  In an astonishing experiment, these scientists proved that the human body’s DNA can easily be reprogrammed by human speech.  That’s right: words alone can alter the expression of your DNA.

In this remarkable experiment, words and phrases were spoken and modulated on specific frequencies—and the reprogramming effect on DNA was literally shocking.  It was as though these scientists had simply “cut and pasted” the desired programming onto a human DNA molecule, and in so doing they successfully repaired damaged DNA or reprogrammed the human genome altogether.

Rewrite the Way Your Genes Express Themselves 

In many ways, the Russian scientists owe their discovery to the earlier, pioneering work of Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, a world-renowned leader in cellular biology and quantum physics research, and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief.

In his cutting-edge work, Lipton proved that you can “rewrite” the way your genes express themselves.  In so doing, you can cause cancer cells (or any abnormal or mutated cells) to act like normal human cells.

     Proof: In one of Dr. Lipton’s most important experiments, he proved that when he took a “sick” cancer cell from a “sick” body, and transferred it to a healthy environment, the cell recovered quickly and behaved normally.  And in ongoing epigenetic trials, half the patients are in complete remission from cancer!

More Proof: The findings of Russian scientists are “already being applied in some European academic hospitals with great success on various skin cancers.  The cancer is cured without any remaining scars.”  They have also been able to influence cellular metabolism and even remedy genetic defects.

This is truly the most promising research conducted in the last century.  If you can actually program your DNA to create a healthy body in as little as 2 minutes, you can accomplish virtually any health goal.  What’s even more unbelievable is that doing so is far easier than you would imagine.

This research proves beyond any doubt that your genetic destiny and health outcomes are not fixed or pre-determined.  Your family’s genes don’t have to sentence you to a lifetime of sickness and disease.  There are simple ways to switch “off” your faulty inherited genes and switch “on” the genetic activity leading to a healthy, vibrant life.

The secret is contained in the most revolutionary and important new field of science: epigenetics.

What is Epigenetics? 

In your body, you have “epigenes” that attach to your cells.  These epigenes have control over and above the genes (or DNA) inside your cells.  In other words, your genes are the “hardware” and your epigenes are the “software” that tell them what to do.


Epigenetics: The Science of the FutureThe prefix “epi” means above—as in “above the genes.”

Epigenetic scientists are now documenting how anyone can use epigenetics to “rewrite” the way their genes express themselves—and this in turn leads to spontaneous remission from diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

By harnessing the power of epigenetics, you can…

  • Create a conscious channel of communication with your DNA through spoken words, phrases and frequencies
  • Escape from being a “victim” of inheriting or developing abnormal genes—instead you can change those genes to eradicate disease and pass on normal genes to the next generation

Deactivate Your “Bad” Genes And Take Control of Your Health 

Your DNA contains your genetic code.  It has always been considered the “blueprint” of your life—something over which you thought you had no control whatsoever.  Your genes are like a set of cards dealt to you in a card game.

Among many things, your genes can…Predispose you to being fat or thin

Make you susceptible to developing cancer, heart disease, or any other disease that “runs in the family”

Make you either age slowly or age rapidly

Predispose you to a strong immune system or a weak one

Play an important role in your temperament and personality type (sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, or melancholic)
But now, epigenetics offers a life-changing opportunity for you to have better genes than the ones you were born with.

How Epigenetics Re-Programs Your DNA in Just 2 Minutes 

A recent study from the Institute of HeartMath has entirely overturned the expired notion that DNA is permanently fixed and unchangeable.  In the study, human DNA was placed in a sealed test tube.  Test subjects who were trained to generate focused feelings were able to intentionally cause a change in the shape of the DNA.

Negative emotions, produced at will, caused the two strands that comprise human DNA to wind more tightly.  Heart-centered feelings of love and appreciation caused the DNA strands to unwind and exhibit positive changes in just 2 minutes.

Reprogram Your DNA for Optimal Health 

You can start now to reprogram your DNA for optimum health.  Through the power of epigenetics, you can switch “off” destructive genes and switch “on” protective genes that lead to more vibrant health even spontaneous healing.  Click here to find out how, including the 5 “on-switches” for unhealthy genes that you can easily avoid.  The Russian researchers have already shown that you can start the process of positive genetic changes in just 2 minutes.

Discover even more mind-blowing scientific evidence of how epigenetics can completely transform your health.  You can overcome the bad genes you inherited… reverse existing health concerns you may have… and live a longer, healthier, and more vibrant life, starting now.