The 8-Ingredient Prescription for Radically Transformed Health

Little-Known Secret Supercharges Your Health and Well being…
Supports Graceful Aging… Nourishes Prevention and Healing of Chronic Diseases
and Even Enables You to Live Longer

The most cutting-edge medical experts now agree that the most powerful medicine of the future is simple and available to everyone: the foods you eat each day, which have the power to renew your body, revitalize your health, and even reverse the aging process.

     David Woolfe, author of Superfood as Medicine of the Future has spent the last 22 years on the cutting edge of food and superfoods as medicine.  He is a world authority on raw foods and superfoods and coaches Hollywood celebrities and business people on nutrition and wellness.  He believes thatthrough foods and superfoods you can prevent or heal nearly every health problem or condition you’ll ever face.

Every single in your body renews itself within a 2-year span—in fact, most cells renew completely in less than a year.  This means that your entire body is literally brand-new every two years or less, and when you change your nutrition, you build a brand new healthier, stronger, and younger body.  The most compelling support for this may be the growing number of scientists and researchers who now acknowledge the overwhelming link between food and cancer.

Diet: Nature’s Own Cancer Killer 

According to a recent article on the popular health website Web MD many cancer researchers have “begun to focus on what could be the most promising ammunition to date: diet.”  That’s because scientists now know that our bodies are producing cancer cells all of the time, but that with the right dietary defenses, our immune systems are able to eliminate those cells before they take hold and multiply.

“The easiest, least-expensive way to reduce your risk for cancer is just by eating a healthy diet,” says Rachael Stolzenberg-Solomon, PhD, MPH, RD, a researcher at the National Cancer Institute.

     Most experts agree that a diet rich in cancer-fighting substances should be predominantly plant-based.  “If you have two-thirds of plant food on your plate, that seems to be enough to avoid excessive amounts of food high in saturated fat,” says Karen Collins, RD, nutritional advisor for the American Institute for Cancer Research.

The great news is that you don’t have to restrict yourself to eating only piles of green vegetables or solely raw foods in order to build a stronger, healthier, younger new body.  You can use a far simpler solution to start protecting yourself and transforming your entire body in just days.


“Your Body Tomorrow = What You Put In It Today”


Build a Better, Stronger, Healthier, and Younger You 

Although plant foods and spices are the most powerful medicines on the planet, they cannot be patented, and they will never be examined by multi-billion dollar clinical trials—because no drug company stands to profit from them.  Nonetheless, these natural medicines have the inherent power to make your body healthier, stronger, and even younger—yes, even younger!

Multivitamins Are NOT the Answer 

It may be tempting to think that you can renew your body with vitamins instead of real plant foods, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  Shocking research actually links multivitamins to higher odds of early death.

Jaakko Mursu, a nutritional epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota, recently published a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine showing that women who took multivitamins were 6% more likely to die than those not taking them.  A long list of individual vitamin supplements are also linked to higher odds of death.

Superfoods: The Alternative to Multivitamins 

Health experts agree that the best way to get the nutrients we need is through real food.

However, many of us may struggle to get all the nutrients we need from food alone.  For one thing, says the Harvard Health Watch, “the ‘percent daily values’ featured on food labels are based on a 2,000-calories-a-day diet.  Many of us can’t eat that much without gaining weight.  What if your energy needs are closer to 1,500 calories a day?  What if you’re dieting?  Can you eat enough to take in the recommended micronutrients without falling back on a multivitamin?”

This is where superfoods make all the difference.  Only real, raw, and organic superfoods can provide the fuel the human body needs to rebuild a healthier version of itself.

There are dozens of so-called “superfoods” in existence.  Unfortunately, many claim health benefits and effects that are not supported by solid scientific studies.  And some are only backed by pseudo-scientific research, exaggeration, misrepresentation and even old wives tales—and many have no track record of verifiable success… no real-life case studies of real people who have experienced real results in improving real conditions.

8 Mega Superfoods That Turn Back Time 

After 5 years of commitment and investigative research, one extraordinary man—a self-made Beverly Hills millionaire—has identified a list of 8 mega superfoods that can entirely rebuild your body from the inside out and take years off of your biological age.  In fact, this 65-year-old health revolutionary has the biological age of a 31-year-old according to a 2012 biological age test.  This is a feat any one of us can achieve with the right superfoods!

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