Tiger Milk Mushrooms Hold The Key To Natural Cancer Cure

Did you know…that an ingredient found in Tiger Milk Mushrooms may hold the key to new, 100% natural cancer drugs?

Curing cancer with all-natural drugs and no tortuous side effects is no longer a pipe dream but a very real possibility.

Scientists at Polytechnic University in Hong Kong have recently discovered an ingredient in Tiger Milk Mushrooms that can harness the power of natural cancer-fighting compounds, paving the way for cancer drugs made of 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients.

Tiger Milk Mushroom, an exotic African mushroom, may hold the key to replacing harsh chemotherapy drugs with natural alternatives that are in harmony with your body. Chemotherapy sometimes eradicates cancer, but it kills healthy cells in the process, destroying your vital organs, depleting your immune system, and leaving you vulnerable to a host of other illnesses. selenium-benefits

The side effects of current cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation are traumatic, and researchers are constantly searching for all-natural substitutes.

Selenium Benefits: A Nano-Sized Anti-Cancer Agent

Selenium is a trace mineral that is essential for optimal health It strengthens the immune system, providing antioxidant support against free radical damage and viral infections. Rice, wheat, potatoes, broccoli, and onions are high in this nutrient.

Selenium benefits effect on cancer cells has been well documented. Research indicates that nano-sized selenium particles can slow cancer growth and trigger apoptosis (cancer cell death). Unfortunately, researchers haven’t managed to stabilize selenium benefits cancer-fighting powers.

The nano-particles lose their potency when they drift together and “rebind,” forming particles too large to permeate cancer cells. Researchers have been unable to solve the rebinding process…until now.

A team of PolyU researchers, led by Dr. Wong Ka-hing, associate director of the Food Safety and Technology Research Center, recently discovered that a polysaccharides-protein complex (PSP) in Tiger Milk Mushroom is the stabilizing source researchers have been searching for.

Breast Cancer Cells Destroyed!

Using pioneering nanotechnology, scientists were able to destroy breast cancer cells, a promising advancement for cancer victims worldwide.

Dr. Wong says, “Lab-test results were exciting. Our selenium nano-particles were found to have remarkable inhibition effect on the growth of human breast cancer cells by triggering the cells into self-destruction.”

Dr. Wong went on to say that “a better understanding of this mechanism may help us find the next suitable compounds and make better nano-medicines for a whole host of cancers.”

Dr. Wong and his team take all natural to the max, using a green drug development process that requires only water and a room temperature environment.

PolyU’s findings are truly revolutionary, and Dr. Wong was awarded the Young Investigator Award at the 2011 International Conference of Food Factors and the Gold Medal in the 40th annual International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.

A Future Without Chemo

Fish oil, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and green tea have all shown promise as all-natural, cancer-fighting treatments. The PSP in Tiger Milk Mushroom boosts the efficacy of these natural compounds, making the possibility of non-toxic cancer drugs attainable.

Scientists such as Dr. Wong believe that these natural cancer drugs will eventually lead to a more complete recovery, with no harrowing side effects along the way.