Fact or Myth: Coconut Oil Prevents Tooth Decay

This is a FACT.

Here’s one more reason to love coconut oil! Coconut oil prevents tooth decay and cavities. Your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, but coconut oil prevents tooth decay by zapping these cavity-causing bacteria with its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Researchers from the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland found that coconut oil eradicated stains of bacteria known to cause tooth decay, particularly Streptococcus. Researchers added enzymes to render the coconut oil in a semi-digested state. The semi-digested coconut oil stopped the spread of bacteria in the mouth. The coconut oil also destroyed the Candida albicans yeast that causes thrush, a nasty mouth infection.

What’s so exciting about this research is that it offers a viable alternative to fluoride. Coconut oil is natural, safe, and side effect free, unlike fluoride, which is used in virtually all commercial toothpaste brands. Fluoride is touted as a cavity-fighting agent, but no legitimate study has ever been able to confirm that fluoride fights or prevents tooth decay when ingested. On the contrary, fluoride—which is also added to our water supply—has been shown to be harmful to health.

uses of coconut oilCoconut Oil’s Antibiotic Powers

Coconut oil is a natural antibiotic that protects against bacterial infections and treats:

  • Throat infections
  • Ulcers
  • Gum disease

The lauric fatty acids in coconut oil protect against infections from parasites, fungi, viruses, yeast, and bacteria.

Studies have also shown that coconut oil is an anti-cancer agent that may help inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells by strengthening the immune system.

Can Coconut Oil Cure All?

Maybe not “all” but coconut oil certainly helps heal a lot! It protects heart health, raises energy levels, promotes an efficient metabolism, improves digestion, and enhances your immune system. You can start benefiting from coconut oil today by making it your cooking oil of choice. It’s the perfect oil to cook with because it doesn’t oxidize when exposed to light or high temperatures.

For oral conditions like tooth decay, start “oil pulling” with coconut oil. Swish a tablespoon of coconut oil around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. The oil “pulls” bacteria from your mouth. Spit the oil (and the accompanying bacteria) out of your mouth after 10-20 minutes. To find out more about the benefits of oil pulling, click here.