Super Antioxidant Found to Extend Life Expectancy

Did you know…that an inexpensive nutritional supplement called L-Carnosine is being hailed as by integrative doctors—including Dr. Oz—as the possible “end of old age?”

The nutrient L-Carnosine may come closer to an anti-aging magic bullet than anything else yet discovered as being a super antioxidant. Scientists believe L-Carnosine reverses aging at both the system and organ level, with a dramatic effect on energy…health…clarity of thinking…and appearance of the skin and hair.

The highly regarded and wildly popular Dr. Mehmet Oz called L-Carnosine an “anti-aging miracle.”

How L-Carnosine Stops the Root Cause of Aging

To understand the astonishing power of L-Carnosine, it helps to understand a primary cause of aging: the Hayflick Limit.

The Hayflick Limit (named after the doctor who discovered it about 40 years ago) refers to how our cells can divide only a limited number of times during our lives.

By early adulthood, our cells overall have used up half of their lifetime divisions. By mid-life, our cells have only about 20-39% of their total divisions left.

When cells stop dividing, they enter a state called “senescence”—the final step before death. Senescent cells are alive, but can no longer divide. They show all the unwanted signs of old age (for example, skin wrinkles). super antioxidant

As cells near senescence, they are much more susceptible to…

  • Irregular forms
  • Distorted appearances
  • Declining functionality
  • Cancer

Until recently, all this was thought to be irreversible.

L-Carnosine:The Miracle Substance that Stops Senescence and Rolls Back Time

L-Carnosine is a naturally occurring combination of two amino acids, alanine and histidine. L-Carnosine levels in our body pare directly related to the length and quality of our lives.

But L-Carnosine levels plummet as we age. That’s why Dr. Oz and others believe that supplementing with L-Carnosine may be one of the most powerful ways to roll back time. Science supports this claim.

An astonishing series of experiments in Australia proved that L-Carnosine rejuvenates aging cells. Australian researchers transferred senescent cells to a culture medium containing L-Carnosine. The transferred cells showed …

  • A rejuvenated appearance
  • An enhanced capacity to divide

L-Carnosine Extends Cell Life

When researchers took “old” cells (that had already gone through 55 divisions) and transferred them to an L-Carnosine medium, the cells survived up to 70 more divisions. In contrast, cells not transferred to the L-Carnosine survived only 57 to 61 divisions—a 25% increase!

Even more impressive, cell life span increased 300%! The cells transferred to the L-Carnosine medium lived 413 days, while the other cells lived only 126-139 days.

Extended Life Expectancy of Super Antioxidant

In a new Russian study on mice, those given L-Carnosine were twice as likely to reach their maximum lifespan as the others.

L-Carnosine also made the mice look younger. A whopping 44% of the mice given L-Carnosine had younger, glossier looking coats in old age—compared to only 5% of the untreated mice! That’s a 900% better chance of looking younger.

Other proven anti-aging benefits of L-Carnosine the super antioxidant include…

  • Feeling Younger: Only 9% of the untreated mice behaved youthfully in old age, while 58% of the L-Carnosine mice stayed spry—a 600% improvement!
  • Super Antioxidant: L-Carnosine is one of the most powerful antioxidants on Earth.
  • Preventing Alzheimer’s: L-Carnosine can reduce or prevent cell damage caused by beta amyloid—a major Alzheimer’s risk factor because it damages nerves and arteries in the brain.

How to Use L-Carnosine

L-Carnosine is widely available at health food stores and online. Most experts agree that different people need different amounts of L-Carnosine. According to Jon Barron, founder of Baseline of Health Foundation, “The older you get, the more you need. If you eat a mostly vegetarian diet, you need more.

If you’re diabetic, or just have trouble with blood sugar, you need more. I think most people will do best on 500-750mg a day.”