Bone-Chilling Cryotherapy Relieves Pain

Did you know…that a 3-minute procedure loved by athletes can help relieve arthritis, boost immunity and metabolism, and reverse aging?

These days, athletes are cooling down and recovering with a bone-chilling therapy called whole-body cryotherapy. All-star athletes like the Laker’s Kobe Bryant, Texas Rangers’ pitcher C.J. Wilson, and sprinter Tyson Gay swear by cryotherapy’s ability to speed recovery and soothe inflamed muscles after strenuous workouts and games.

Jason Terry, Mavericks’ point guard during their NBA championship run, told a Dallas TV station, “it gives you youthfulness, and if you have any aches and pains, instantly when you step out of that chamber, you’re revived.”

This cutting-edge therapy has been shown to improve…

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Rheumatoid disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema

You don’t have to be a world-class athlete to enjoy cyrotherapy’s many benefits. It has been used in Japan and Europe for more than 30 years, and it’s been making its way through the States since 2009. It’s a noninvasive alternative for those seeking faster recovery and relief from painful inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

How Whole Body Cryotherapy Works

Step into a futuristic chamber of cold and be prepared for blasts of nitrogen to chill the air to a frigid 300° below zero. The treatment, which lasts for about 2 ½ minutes, is similar to an ice bath but is reportedly a lot more comfortable and has greater benefits. whole body cryotherapy

With your body fully immersed in the chamber and only your head exposed, your skin temperature drops to about 54°F (12°C), but your body temperature remains stable. In order to prevent your body’s core temperature from dropping, blood vessels in the skin constrict, thereby slowing blood flow.

Your body is fooled into thinking it is freezing and goes into survival mode, delivering blood to the core in order to protect your vital organs. While there, your blood collects oxygen and nutrients.

Step out of the cryotherapy chamber and oxygen-rich blood streams back through your body to your extremities, flushing out toxins and boosting circulation along the way.

Cryotherapy and Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is the major cause of most degenerative diseases. Results from a study published in the journal PLOS (Public Library Science of One) indicate that whole body cryotherapy can significantly decrease dangerous inflammation.

Trained runners participated in a simulated 48-minute trail run on a treadmill. The workout was intense and intended to aggravate muscle soreness. One group of participants underwent cryotherapy daily for 5 days, while the other group rested for half an hour. Blood tests showed that those receiving whole body cryotherapy had fewer markers for inflammation.

Cryotherapy and Arthritis

Whole body cryotherapy activates endorphins that numb pain and reduce inflammation, providing much-needed relief for muscle aches and joint pain. An added benefit: Endorphins also improve mood and reduce stress.

German researchers found that whole body cryotherapy helps treat inflammatory rheumatic diseases. Results from a study made up of 60 patients with rheumatoid arthritis showed that whole-body cryotherapy twice a day over a two-month period significantly reduced pain.

Whole Body Cryotherapy and Your Metabolism

Your body is a well-made machine, and when placed in conditions of extreme cold, it knows exactly what to do. In order to kick-start it’s internal heating system, your body cranks up your metabolic rate.

You burn more calories faster and longer. Patients typically burn 500 to 800 calories 5-8 hours after the procedure.