10 Proven Techniques to Look and Feel Half Your Age – Discover The Real Anti-Aging Secrets of Stars, Athletes, and Other Power Players

If you’re like most people, you’re interested in looking and feeling your best for as long as you possibly can. Over the last century, the American lifespan has continually increased—and we’ve grown ever more interested in ways to look and feel better through middle age and beyond. And the privileged few in the media limelight—movie stars, elite athletes, wealthy executives—do seem to have mastered perpetual youth.

You may assume that the members of this exclusive group maintain their youthful vitality through surgical tricks, but there’s far more to the story. The truth may surprise you: this group has access to scientific advances, including natural, proven treatments for looking and feeling half your age—that rarely if ever reach the general public… until now.

As editor of the Underground Health Reporter, I’ve had the good fortune of gaining insider access to these advances, and now I have the privilege of sharing them with you.

Hidden Anti-Aging Science Finally Revealed

In his New York Times runaway bestselling book The 4-Hour Body, author and “meticulous data cruncher” Tim Ferriss clearly explains why the rich and famous have access to information that most of us don’t. According to Ferriss, the adoption curve for most health and beauty breakthroughs stops short of the general public.

Groundbreaking health, wellness and anti-aging advancements jump from the scientists straight to elite athletes and bodybuilders… then to the Hollywood stars… and then to the rich and powerful. Ferriss says that the very last jump—from “from rich people to the rest of us”—is delayed by 10 to 20 years after the time of the discovery. Depending on the discovery in question, the final leap may not happen at all.

Consequently, you could be relying on information that’s years (or even decades) out of date.

Better than Retinol

The public’s affection for products like Retin-A is a perfect example of old, outdated science for the masses. For the general public, vitamin A-derived prescription retinoids such as Retin-A have long been the gold standard for smoothing wrinkles. But emerging literature indicates another, gentler vitamin effectively improve skin texture without the redness, flaking, or itching vitamin A creams can cause. No wonder the stars and elites have already made the switch.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD), this vitamin offers the same dramatic skin benefits as topical retinoids without the unpleasant side effects. The authors of the JAAD review noted that none of the usual retinoid side effects—peeling, dryness, and irritation—were seen.

Studies also show that this vitamin can also prevent skin damage. A topical solution of 5% was shown to prevent UV-induced immunosuppression and carcinogenesis. But if you already have sun damage, take heart: a Japanese study found that 8 weeks of treatment with a topical solution of 2% to 5% lightened mottled skin and sunspots.

Considering the impressive science supporting this vitamin, it’s no surprise that savvy celebrities have embraced it. This skin-saving vitamin is the favorite secret of the drop-dead gorgeous Mission Impossible actress Thandie Newton. She calls it a time-saving anti-ager that helps her achieve “glowing, youthful skin” with just one easy, daily treatment.

Recharge Your Cells in Just 30 Minutes

Another example of remarkable new anti-aging science is a patented facial treatment that can erase 10 years from your face in under and hour. The treatments require no needles, surgery or chemicals. Perhaps best of all, it can be done in the comfort of your own home and costs a mere fraction of the bill for a facelift.

Dr. Xanya Sofra Weiss, one of the most prominent researchers for this technique, has shown that the treatment can lead to thicker, healthier skin and other beneficial results best summarized as “aging reversal.” Her findings suggest that the treatments can actually influence biological processes at the cellular level. Specifically, Weiss and her team found that this facial treatment could:

  • Stabilize free radicals by infusing them with electrons
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Increased tonicity of fine facial muscles
  • Activate collagen and elastin production
  • Spark cell proliferation
  • Repair damaged cells

No wonder many stars on the red carpet have skin so radiant it appears as if it glows from within. Simon won’t give out the names of her A-list clients, but does admit her business increases before big awards shows, such as the Academy Awards. Some clients specifically request “a little pop the day of,” Simon says.

“My goal is to replicate the signal the brain produces in deep delta sleep,” she explains, “a frequency that initiates repair.” By using different types of current, she can:

  • Erase dark circles
  • Improve lymphatic drainage
  • Eliminate bacteria that cause acne
  • Promote cellular repair

The “End of Old Age”

The anti-aging effects of this little-known nutrient are so dramatic, Dr. Mehmet Oz and other high-profile holistic doctors say adding it to your daily routine could bring about the virtual “end of old age.” This extraordinary substance is proven to fortify the health of hair and skin while also significantly boosting muscle tone and energy levels. It even appears to reverse aging at both the system and organ level.

High levels of this nutrient are directly linked to longevity; unfortunately, our body’s own production of it plummets with age. But peer-reviewed research strongly suggests that increasing your intake of this nutrient can slow down and even reverse the aging process.

An All-Access Pass

Sometimes even the most-prized secrets can—and do—get out. As editor of the Underground Health Reporter, I’m lucky to be among the first to know when that happens. For instance, when a Beverly Hills insider with access to the clientele and staff of a top plastic surgeon’s office choses to share a wealth of accessible and affordable beauty advice with our staff. Using exclusive, never before revealed information, we’ve compiled a collection of the most efficacious, up-to-the-minute anti-aging secrets. After extensively vetting information with the help of physicians, natural health researchers, and anti-aging specialists, we culled our top 10 picks for anti-aging breakthroughs that help you look and feel half your age, including:

  • One “friendly” starlet’s secret to a smooth, cellulite-free backside, no liposuction required… and here’s proof it works… she was recently voted “Sexiest Woman of All Time” by Men’s Health Magazine…
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  • And finally, this juicy tidbit from TV’s most popular Doc… his secret is a little known “super fruit’ that’s been revered for its healing properties for years. But Beverly Hills elite residents love it for its ability to help jumpstart weight loss, reduce wrinkles, and stimulate collagen…
  • Plus SIX more, tried and true, scientifically proven anti-aging secrets that are allowing Beverly Hills men and women to turn back the hands of time!

Effects Can Be Immediate

These 10 proven anti-aging and longevity strategies, techniques, and therapies are scientifically proven to have truly remarkable effects, sometimes immediate. To access the full report on the famous faces that correspond to each secret, the evidence supporting the stellar results, and insider information on how to add these techniques into your beauty regime, click here now.