5-Minute Health Tip: Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a type of healing clay made from aged volcanic ash. It gets its name from the largest and most popular clay deposit nestled near Fort Benton, Wyoming, and it has been used since ancient times as a treatment for a variety of health conditions.

  • Cleansing and detoxifying
  • Balancing gut bacteria
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Eliminating food allergies
  • Treating food poisoning
  • Eradicating viral infections and parasites
  • Alleviating arthritis
  • Healing pain and wounds
  • Easing digestive disturbances
  • Remedying anemia
  • Improving skin conditions like acne

Bentonite clay has also been shown to help alkalize the body and protect against radiation exposure.

bentonite clayHow Bentonite Clay Clears Away Illness

Bentonite clay contains a high concentration of a mineral called montmorillonite, which is credited with the majority of bentonite clay’s healing powers. But bentonite clay is also rich in magnesium and 67 other trace minerals, including iron, sodium, silica, calcium, and potassium.

It reacts with water by becoming electrically charged. Its negatively charged particles attract positively charged toxins, including bacteria, pesticides, and metals. An Arizona State University study revealed that bentonite clay was highly effective at killing MRSA, salmonella, and E.Coli.

How to Use Bentonite Clay

  1. Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of clay with 8 ounces of water. Some experts recommend letting the mixture sit in a glass jar for at least 30 minutes and up to several hours for the electrical charge to increase in magnitude.
  2. Take on an empty stomach so as not to interfere with the absorption of other nutrients in food, herbs, or supplements.
  3. Get your body acclimated by taking for 3 days, then stopping for 4 days, and then taking for 4 days, and then stopping for 4 days…and so on for about a month.
  4. If bentonite clay becomes part of your daily regimen it’s best to take at least one week off every month.
  5. Experts recommend taking bentonite clay with psyllium husks and staying hydrated with water in order to help prevent constipation.

If you are being treated for a health condition or are currently taking prescription medications or supplements, consult your health care practitioner before taking bentonite clay. Consult your doctor if you have high blood pressure or iron intolerance.