5-Minute Health Tip: Dip into Argan Oil

A Moroccan treasure that made a splash on the anti-aging beauty scene a few years ago, argan oil is a must have in your anti-aging arsenal…and not just for aesthetics, but for a health boon, too! Derived from the kernels of the argan tree (Argania spinosa L.) and sourced by female-run cooperatives in Morocco, argan oil is packed with antioxidants, skin-saving vitamin E, and essential fatty acids. It’s been used for centuries in Morocco to treat skin issues such as rosacea and eczema, and to beautify and hydrate, protecting against fine lines and wrinkles. Less than 5 minutes is all you need to enjoy the benefits of argan oil…whatever condition you want to treat!

argan oil benefits A Balancing Moisturizer

Argan oil possesses chameleon-like properties and is appropriate for use on all types of skin—oily, dry, or combo! It’s concentrated with sterolins that help lock in moisture, while unsaturated fatty acids soften and smooth for a healthy, dewy glow. While it hydrates, tackling flakiness and itchiness, it also balances sebum (oil) production, so those with oily skin don’t need to worry about the “oil” in argan oil. It’s innate hydrating and oil-balancing properties make argan oil a terrific moisturizer or treatment for combination skin.

Take advantage of argan oil’s versatility and apply a few drops to your hair to moisturize, help repair split ends, and treat scalp dryness or dandruff. It also works as a cuticle softener and nail strengthener!

 An Anti-Aging Elixir

Argan oil is rich in antioxidants like vitamin E that protect against oxidative damage from too much time spent in the sun, as well as unavoidable environmental pollution. Highly concentrated with fatty acids, particularly linoleic acid, Argan oil not only fights against the free radical damage that accelerates aging, but also improves skin firmness and cell strength, as well as healthy cell turnover.

 Sensitive Skin Soother

100% pure and natural, argan oil is perfect for sensitive skins, or skins afflicted with conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, or dermatitis. It doubles as a makeup remover, so gentle that you can safely use it to remove eye makeup.

 A Health Aid

While there isn’t a plethora of research backing argan oil’s awesomeness, a 2005 study in Nutrition, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases reported that argan oil may help protect against heart disease by boosting antioxidant status. An animal study showed that supplementing with argan oil may help lower blood pressure, improve insulin sensitivity (the better insulin sensitivity you have, the better protected you are against diabetes) and other obesity-related health issues.

Contrary to what its name suggests, argan oil is easily absorbed and leaves behind no greasy residue. You can purchase argan oil in its pure form without any added ingredients, or find it as a primary ingredient in face lotions, body moisturizers, shampoos, and conditioners.