5-Minute Health Tip: Dry Skin Brushing

What’s your body’s largest organ? The skin, and it’s also a major detoxification mechanism. Each day, your body eliminates 25% of toxins through your skin—that’s one whole pound of toxins! But your skin can only do its job if your lymphatic system is working properly. Otherwise, your skin—and entire body—succumbs to toxin overload. One easy way to stimulate your lymphatic system and promote radiant skin is to add dry skin brushing to your morning or evening routine. All it takes is 5 minutes with a bristle brush!

woman using bath brushBenefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Boosts Your Lymphatic System: Your lymphatic system is made up of hundreds of miles of lymphatic tubules that carry waste from your tissues and to the blood for elimination. If your lymphatic system isn’t functioning properly, the cellular waste products can’t be removed from your body. Toxins build up…and you get sick!

Dry skin brushing for 5 minutes a day helps keep the lymphatic system in working order, thereby aiding detoxification, circulation, and even digestion. Skin care experts say that dry skin brushing can help with bloating because massaging the lymph nodes helps remove excess water and, of course, toxins.

Controls Cellulite: Dry skin brushing has also been credited with helping to remedy cellulite. Experts say that dry skin brushing may help break up fat deposits below the skin and disperse the fat deposits more uniformly throughout the body. Naysayers say that visible reductions in cellulite are probably due to the skin being more swollen after a dry skin brushing session. Either way, visible results, while perhaps not all that long lasting, are guaranteed!

Eases Stress: Dry skin brushing is a form of TLC. Your skin and muscles will appreciate the extra attention, and dry skin brushing has a naturally meditative component to it. You can ease muscle tension while you are exfoliating and invigorating the skin. A well spent 5 minutes!

Dry Skin Brushing How-tos

You will want to use a brush with firm bristles and a long handle for those hard-to-reach places. Always brush toward the heart—beneficial for both circulation and your lymphatic system—and don’t rub too hard. Pink skin is perfect, red is much too rough! Dry skin brush your entire body, even your feet, once a day for best results.