5-Minute Health Tip: Floss Once a Day

Flossing is arguably more important than brushing your teeth (but don’t take this as an excuse NOT to brush!). Flossing is incredibly important because it helps withdraw the mouth bacteria that cause plaque. Plaque eventually turns into tartar, which causes tooth decay and loss, and stokes the fires of inflammation throughout the body. Bacteria in your mouth don’t just cause your teeth to slowly rot, but seep into your circulatory system. The liver responds to the onslaught of bacteria by releasing inflammatory C-reactive proteins. Then, low-grade inflammation ravages the body and gives rise to all manner of chronic disease.

Despite the importance of flossing, one-third of Americans don’t do it!

As reported by CNN, a recent study showed that nearly one-third of all Americans don’t floss. Specifically:

  • 4% of Americans over the age of 30 never floss
  • 3% floss but not daily
  • and only 30.3% floss every day

The study also showed that women were much more diligent than men when it came to flossing.

Flossing Takes Less than 5 Minutes! 

Close-up Of A Man Flossing His Teeth

It’s time to dedicate a few minutes to flossing every day.

When flossing be sure to wrap the floss around the teeth in a “C” shape. Slide the floss back and forth and up and down, being sure to scrub along both sides of each tooth.

If your gums start to bleed as you are flossing, then it’s a sign you have harmful bacteria in your mouth. Continue to floss gently every day. If there is no improvement after a week, be sure to see a dentist.