5-Minute Health Tip: Self-Massage Therapy Balls to Release Muscle Tension

Don’t have time for a professional massage? Give yourself a 5-minute quickie using self-massage therapy balls for myofascial release. We’re all for foam rollers, but if you want to ease tired, achy muscles in more hard-to-reach areas, then make sure you have either yoga therapy balls or lacrosse balls on hand. Self-massage therapy balls stimulate trigger points in the muscles and release tension in stressed areas. Before a workout, after a workout—any time of day is a good time to enjoy some self-care!

Lacrosse BallBeat Out the Butt

If you’re carrying tension in the glutes, then roll it out! While standing, position the massage ball between the area that’s sore and the wall. Press your glutes into the wall and massage in a circular motion. Holding the ball on the precise spot that’s causing pain, increase pressure and hold for 30 seconds.

You can use the same technique to ease shoulder tension and lower back pain.

Release Those Hips

If your hips are tight, lie on the floor on one side at a time with your knees bent to a 90-degree angle and your hands resting in front of you on the floor. Position the ball between your hips and the floor, directly under the area troubling you, and then move your hips around in a circular motion to work out the kinks. Alternately, you could do this exercise standing against a wall.

Stretch Out Your Forearms

Our forearms don’t get enough attention, and yet we spend hours working them out by typing on computers all day, among other activities. Give them a stretch using self-massage therapy balls. Either hold a massage ball in one hand and then roll up and down the arm, or place the ball on a flat surface and roll your forearm out that way. Get creative!

Lacrosse vs. Yoga Therapy Balls

Lacrosse balls are cheap and convenient, and have the same grip as yoga therapy balls do, but they aren’t as pliable and can’t get in as deep as yoga therapy balls seem to. If self-massage is your thing, then splurge on some yoga therapy balls!