5-Minute or Less Health Tip: Jump Your Way to Health

Trampoline jumping, or “rebounding” as the medical community calls it, boosts circulation, tones the lymphatic system, detoxifies the body, sheds pounds, and strengthens overall immunity. You can stave off serious degenerative illness simply by jumping on a mini-trampoline for 5 to 20 minutes a day!

trampolinejumpingRebounding for Lymph Flow

Lymph is a clear fluid that moves through the lymphatic system, feeding cells oxygen and nutrients while removing toxins and waste. Lymph flows through one-way vessels, which, unlike blood vessels, have no heart-like pump. The lymphatic system depends on movement (aka exercise) to pump toxins to the lymph ducts, which carry waste to the kidneys and liver for elimination from the body. Without exercise, your cells quite literally soak in a cesspool of waste products, hungry for nutrients. When active, however, the lymphatic system flows properly so that toxins do not have the opportunity to accumulate.

Rebounding, or trampoline jumping, is one of the most effective exercises to get your lymphatic system going. Because the lymph vessels run up the arms, legs, and torso, the vertical up and down motion of rebounding can increase lymph flow up to 15 to 30 times. Rebounding is a massage for the internal organs, stimulating not only lymph flow, but also cerebral-spinal fluid and aqueous fluid in the eyes—avid trampoline jumpers report better vision!

The repetitive transition between weightlessness and gravitational pressure activates a pumping motion that sucks toxins out of cells and shoots oxygen and nutrients in. Cells become stronger…in fact, immune cells are five times more active with rebounding! Trampoline jumping promotes regular bowel movements, lowers cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, and can soothe chronic illnesses such as allergies, fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression, and stress. Because rebounding boosts white blood cell count, it also helps the body combat yeast buildup and strengthens the immune system.

Rebounding for Weight Loss

While gently rebounding (keeping your feet on the mat and gently bouncing up and down on the trampoline for two minutes every hour) can treat and prevent diseases such as cancer by normalizing white blood cell count, a more vigorous rebounding session can shed pounds, boost metabolism, burn fat, build and strengthen muscle, and improve balance. Studies have shown that two minutes of trampoline jumping is equivalent to a 2-mile walk, while 20 minutes of rebounding is comparable to an hour of running!

A mini-trampoline takes up just 38 inches of space, and is a wonderful way to take a 2-20 minute work break and fit in some healthful and easy exercise. For maximum benefit, concentrate on your breath while jumping, taking full inhales and exhales for maximal blood oxygenation.