How to Heal Dangerous Chronic Diseases in Your Kitchen

When you think of ways you can prevent and treat chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes, the first thought that comes to your mind is probably reaching inside your medicine cabinet and deciding which pill you should take instead of opening your refrigerator door and discovering safe and effective natural cures.

Chances are you don’t think of your kitchen as a medicine cabinet.

Sure it may need remodeling and your microwave maybe your favorite go-to cooking appliance, but it will surprise you to discover that your kitchen does in fact hold the key to healing chronic diseases.

But how can you prevent a chronic condition like diabetes without insulin, keep your cholesterol in check without pills, or even stop cancer before it starts? chronic diseases

Even with the staggering advances in medicine today, it’s a sad fact that through commercial media blitzes and campaigns, you’re often conditioned to believe that effective medicine can only come from “taking a pill to fix your ills”.

But natural cures that actually worked were abundant in the ancient world, the ancient Greeks even called honey “Ambrosia” or “Food of the Gods”.

Hippocrates praised the virtues of honey and it was used as an effective antiseptic and antimicrobial ointment to treat cuts, skin conditions, battle wounds, and even burns.

In fact researchers at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Cardiff, Wales, have proven that Manuka honey benefits not only destroys the bacteria that infect wounds, but also prevents the bacteria from originally binding itself to the wound tissue – in effect stopping the infection from starting. Solid proof that natural remedies do work.

You Can’t Escape Aging and Chronic Diseases

Everyday your body is attacked on a cellular level by free radicals that create DNA damage to your cells. These free radicals are the real cause of all chronic diseases and aging.

These free radicals destabilize your cell structure, leaving you open to attacks that multiply daily, speeding up the aging process, and making you vulnerable to chronic conditions leaving you to fall victim to diabetes, bone loss, memory loss, heart disease, and dementia.

The only way to stop and neutralize free radicals are through powerful antioxidants.

When you look at how ancient cultures used honey, spices, herbs, nuts, and oils to not only prevent disease, but to thrive you begin to clearly understand the link between what you eat and how healthy actually are from the inside out – and the one thing these foods all have in common is that they contain – antioxidants.

You’ll start to uncover how you can use the power of antioxidants to unlock the secret to reversing aging and remove the risk of chronic diseases.

6 Powerful Ways Antioxidants Can Help You Look Younger, Keep You in Optimal Health, and Reverse Chronic Conditions

    #1. Prevent Wrinkles With Powerful Nutrients:A deep-sea antioxidant called Astaxanthin found in shellfish and salmon can help rebuild collagen (the key building block of smooth youthful skin), can soothe inflamed skin, and naturally boost your cellular regeneration.

    #2. Prevent Alzheimer’s and Cancer with Turmeric: Adding this bright yellow spice into your chicken salad or sprinkling over seafood or eggs, can help you prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    Turmeric acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and Alzheimer’s begins with inflammation of the brain. Research has shown that turmeric actually kills certain cancer cells so they can’t spread.

    #3. Fight Heart Disease With This Powerful Amino Acid:Doctors are now seeing a direct link between high Homocysteine levels (a naturally occurring amino acid found in your blood plasma) and heart disease, stroke, and even depression – but if you are a woman than you are more likely than a man to be diagnosed with depression as there are certain factors unique to women.

    Eating certain foods abundant in B vitamins can make all the difference. Studies have found that you can reduce your heart attack risk by as much as 12% simply by increasing your dietary intake of this essential nutrient.

    #4. Douse the Fire of Inflammation, Painful Arthritis, and Chronic Fatigue: Inflammation is a sign that your immune system is stuck in the “on” position and over 100 serious conditions and diseases are linked to inflammation.

    Omega-3 fatty acids and healthy fats found in flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds, pecans, rice bran oil, and avocado can help you reduce inflammation and pain.

    #5. Thrive During Major Life Changes Such as Pregnancy and Menopause: These are both exciting and sometimes terrifying life changes, but knowing how to protect and reinforce your immune system during these periods, puts you one step ahead in not only preparing for your newborn’s life, but also later in life – when you need extra antioxidant support.

    #6. Wipe out and Prevent Cancer Naturally: Discover three powerful cancer-destroying antioxidants that when coupled with four cancer-busting food duos quadruple their individual cancer-fighting powers: to destroy and kill precancerous cells.

These are just a tiny fraction of the ways antioxidants can help you prevent chronic diseases and keep you in optimal health, but it’s mainly been overlooked because there isn’t any benefit to large drug companies in promoting natural cures.

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