11 New Health Breakthroughs for Longevity, Health and Well-Being

How many of these health breakthroughs have you heard of?

1) The safe way to literally burn cancer out of your body that’s 14 times more effective than chemotherapy alone — without the side effects is … ==>___________________________ . 

    Hint: This technique has been practiced safely for thousands of years but you won’t hear about it in mainstream media and most health publications. 

2) What is the natural herb discovered by a biopharmaceutical company that has the potential to stop the aging process — and enable humans to live longer?
Answer: ==>___________________________ 

    Hint: In double blind, placebo-controlled studies, they found that when test subjects consumed this herb … their immune systems were measurably boosted and strengthened … their eyesight was measurably improved … they reported an improvement in their sexual performance … and their skin became youthful and smooth.

3) There’s a million-year-old volcanic mineral which literally sucks the heavy metals out of the calcium in your arteries, thereby eliminating one of major causes of inflammation. It’s called ==>___________________________ . 

    Hint: This volcanic mineral is also being hailed as one of the most effective approaches to treating heart disease, according to a renowned doctor who has never lost a patient to stroke or heart attack in 20 years.

4) The natural hormone that is the single best way to fight cancer is … ==> ___________________________.

    Hint: Next to smoking, not getting enough of this hormone is the No. 2 risk factor of cancer! Every year, 30% — or two million people worldwide (200,000 in the U.S. alone) — could be spared of dying from cancer if they would just take the proper amounts of this hormone. 

Did You Know All The Answers to the Questions Above?

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