Fast, Natural Relief for Anxiety

Did You Know…

…the five finger qi gong relaxation technique is a highly effective natural remedy for anxiety? 

woman performing qigong exercise

Chronic anxiety is dangerous. It can lead to high blood pressure, insomnia, panic attacks, digestive ailments, thyroid conditions, hormone imbalances, and health-compromising habits, such as consuming excessive alcohol, sugar, and caffeine.

In an effort to manage anxiety, some people turn to prescription Fortunately, many natural remedies are effective for managing anxiety. The 5-finger qi gong (chee-gong) relaxation technique is a helpful anti-anxiety practice that you can use anytime or anywhere to help calm anxiety quickly. 

What Is Qi Gong?

The National Qigong Association defines qi gong as: “an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention.”

Qi gong is a complete mind-body-spirit practice that incorporates martial arts, medical remedies, and spiritual connection with the aim of balancing chi, the life force within you and surrounding you, and healing the body and mind. Qi gong has gifted us the 5-finger relaxation technique, a very simple way to slow your breath and calm your mind.

How to Perform the 5-Finger Relaxation Technique

The 5-finger relaxation technique involves breath, mental focus, and simple posture. Start by assuming a comfortable position, ideally with your feet resting gently on the floor, your hands resting comfortably on your lap, and your eyes closed. Take a few moments to breathe fully.

Posture 1: Inhale deeply, then while exhaling touch your thumb to your index finger. Take a few moments to recollect a time when your body was agreeably fatigued. Perhaps after an invigorating exercise class, or a jaunt down a difficult ski slope. Let your body sink into that memory, and try to feel those same feelings of earned exhaustion and relaxation.

Posture 2: Inhale deeply, then while exhaling touch your thumb to your middle finger. Now, revisit a time in your life when you experienced love. It could be a passionate embrace, a loving moment between you and your child…any time you felt awash with love. Indulge in the experience and let your body and mind fill with the relaxation of being loved.

Posture 3: Inhale deeply, then while exhaling touch your thumb to your ring finger. This time, remember a time when you received a genuine compliment that filled you with joy. Accept that compliment! And feel the appreciation flood your body.

Posture 4: Inhale deeply, then while exhaling touch your thumb to your pinky finger. Think back to the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen. Be there for as long as you’d like, and let your body and mind take in the beauty once more.