Gerson Therapy:  The Suppressed Cancer Cure

     This is the second in a series of articles about suppressed cancer cures from previous decades, the first being about Essiac Tea, which was developed by Nurse Rene Caisse.  This next cure was developed by Maximillian Gerson, a German-born doctor, who was the first to ever suggest that good health depends primarily on healthy nutrition.

     Dr. Gerson was inspired by Ignaz Semmelweis, the Hungarian doctor who discovered that in order to avoid infections in pregnant women, physicians simply needed to wash their hands in a chlorine solution.  Prior to receiving his doctorate as a medical student, Max Gerson suffered from severe and repeated migraine headaches leaving him essentially unable to function for days. After two years of experimenting Dr. Gerson was able to eliminate his migraines completely by eating only certain raw fruits and vegetables.  By 1918 word was spreading about the Gerson migraine diet, but on one occasion a patient returned with an observation. Not only had the migraine been relieved but a skin tuberculosis also disappeared. The astounding news spread like wildfire. In April 1924, famous lung specialist, Dr. Ferdinand Zowerbrook offered to do a clinical trial of 450 incurable skin tuberculosis patients.  At the commencement of the study Zowerbrook said to Gerson privately, “If even one patient should improve I’ll believe every word of Gerson’s treatment.” 446 out of 450 patients recovered over 99%.

     Dr. Gerson and his wife Gretchen had three daughters—Joanna, Gertrude and the youngest, Charlotte.  Of all the children Charlotte took a special interest in her father’s work. By the late 1920’s Dr. Gerson’s fame had spread throughout Europe, especially after he cured Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s wife Helena, of pulmonary tuberculosis and Dr. Schweitzer’s skin disease.  When Dr. Schweitzer was 75-year old, he came to Dr. Gerson with diabetes and was also cured.

     The Gerson therapy aims to achieve a complete detoxification of the body through a series of intestinal washes based on organic coffee and a strict diet of raw vegetables and fruits grown in an optimal terrain.  Meat is absolutely to be avoided as explained by Charlotte, Dr. Gerson’s 82-year old daughter.

      “Because meat in the body in the digestive process causes acidity of phosphoric acid.  And in this kind of acidity the body isn’t able to function. The body has to maintain homeostasis, it has to maintain a very exact level of a calamity versus acidity.”

     Once detoxified the human body confirms being a wonderful machine, capable of healing itself from any given disease.  Between 1933 and World War II Gerson and his family fled Nazi persecution eventually settling in New York. Dr. Gerson’s 7 siblings died in the holocaust.  Throughout the 40’s Dr. Gerson’s success of his New York clinic stunned the medical community but also evoked the dark forces within it.

     Dr. Gerson was curing patients with cancer and as a consequence he testified before the United States Senate on July 1, 2, 3 in 1946 along with 5 of his recovered cancer patients and the medical records of 5 more.  So stunning was his testimony that on the evening of July 3rd, 1946, renowned ABC news correspondent Raymond Graham Swing declared on his radio broadcast to the entire United States that for the first time in history there had been discovered a cure for cancer.  The public response was overwhelming, staggering, lighting up the switchboards at ABC nonstop, out of control, unbelievable. But what happened next was even more so. Two weeks later, Raymond Graham Swing was fired from his position at ABC that he had held for over 30 years, and the Pepper Neely Anti-Cancer Bill of 1946, Document Number 8947 now gathers dust in the archives of the United States Printing Office.  

     Dr. Gerson was ostracized by the entire medical community when he became the first to ever denounce the dangers of smoking at a time when the largest advertising contributor for the AMA was in fact Phillip Morris.  In a national advertising campaign, doctors in all branches of medicine, and in all parts of the country, were asked what brand of cigarettes they smoke. The brand named most was Camel. Yes, according to this repeated nationwide survey, more doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette.  Dr. Gerson was soon labeled a quack, was continuously attacked, harassed – and even investigated five times by the American Medical Association.

     But despite the opposition he encountered, Dr. Gerson simply could not give up his work since he had seen wonderful, seemingly impossible, results.  It took him 10 years to write the book which presented 50 fully documented terminal cases that he had cured with his therapy. Yet, Gerson found no major publisher willing to release the book in the United States.  In fact, it was totally and forever banned from publication in the United States. Why? Because the American Medical Association opposed the Gerson therapy since it was a nutritional approach, an effective approach – and the medical and pharmaceutical industries could not make a profit from it.  

     Dr. Gerson spent the rest of his life secluded in his New York apartment where he kept curing patients with the same therapy that in the meantime was being forbidden all over the United States.