One of the Best Ways to Heal Cancer

How a Retired Air Force Colonel
 Discovered One of the Best Ways to Heal Cancer
– Even Late-Stage or Terminal Cancer

On November 1, 1994, Bill Henderson lost his wife, Marge, to cancer. But Bill, a retired Air force Colonel, knew that it was not cancer that killed her. Rather, she died from the poisonous effects of her cancer treatment — that is, chemotherapy. The chemo destroyed her immune system, the only thing that could have overcome her cancer.

After Marge died, Bill embarked on a full-time research career to find an alternative method of healing cancer. heal cancer He wanted to spare others from the nightmare he and his wife went through. 

He spent countless hours poring over natural cancer cure studies, and he found thousands of stories of miraculous recoveries — even from people who’d been given no chance of survival by their doctors.

Bill’s research led him to dozens of alternative treatments that have proven not only effective, but also safe and painless. The kind of treatment his wife never received. But the path to finding those treatments was extremely challenging. 

It took years of sifting through a blizzard of scientific backlash, conflicting theories, pharmaceutical misinformation, and scams looking to profit from those in distress. Even well-intentioned advice on cancer and nutrition was contradictory and confusing. But Bill pressed on, and eventually he began reaching out to others with his findings. 

Today, he’s helped over 3,000 people from 74 countries — including those with terminal cancer — become cancer free. He believes he’s found the best ways to heal cancer with gentle, non-toxic, and low-cost methods that involve a simple diet and supplement regimen that’s shown to reverse cancer in 6-8 weeks.

The regimen costs only $5.15 a day, and is based specifically on a simple oxygenating food combination with a success rate of 90%, according to the 7-time Nobel Prize nominee who discovered it.

Called the “Bill Henderson Protocol” by the Canadian researchers who are currently evaluating its astonishing effectiveness, Bill’s protocol is built around that one simple “miracle food” combination. And recently, Bill has added to his best-selling books on curing cancer with a distilled but comprehensive description of the Bill Henderson Protocol in a format that…

    • Reflects his latest research with up-to-date recommendations
    • Is simple, concise, and practical
    • Contains information a cancer patient can quickly and easily use to start getting rid of cancer today
    • Includes true stories with remarkable testimonials that haven’t been published in previous books — stories that give a ray of hope to the hopeless.

Toxins and Cancer

Bill Henderson’s research proved to him that if cancer is caused by what we put into our bodies, we should be able to reverse it the same way. And science is clear that what goes into our bodies can kill us. Toxins in our soil, carcinogenic processing methods, and innumerable un-researched additives are prevalent in our food and water supply. Even treatments we receive from the doctor or dentist can endanger our health. 

In light of these realities, Bill Henderson advises that a cancer patient in America must do 2 things to fix the imbalances that result from our diets and to eliminate toxic buildup:

    1. Reduce the intake of toxins as much as possible
    2. Get rid of the toxins that have built up over the years

Simple But Powerful Ways to Heal Cancer

In a typical day, 6 or 7 cancer patients phone Bill looking for cancer treatment options. He tells them that if he ever had cancer, he’d cure it at home using the gentle, non-toxic, low-cost methods that he’s discovered. Why? Because he’s seen these methods work while other methods fail. Bill is convinced his wife would still be alive if he knew then about this simple solution.

“We trusted the cancer doctors and followed their treatment plan to the letter. We put my wife’s fate in the doctors’ hands. They called all the shots, and we didn’t question any of their decisions or recommendations. In hindsight, I can see that was the worst mistake of our lives.” — Bill Henderson

Bill has published 3 cancer cure books in the last 11 years, all of which have become very popular all over the world. Readers in 59 countries have used the information in those books to become cancer-free. Now, Bill has released a report titled “How to Cure Almost Any Cancer At Home for $5.15 a Day.” It’s the basic essence of his entire body of research on curing cancer naturally at home distilled into a concise report that anyone can begin using immediately.

Response from readers who’ve followed Bill’s protocol has been overwhelming. For example, a South Carolina doctor exclaimed…

“What’s going on? The cancer is melting away!”

The doctor had given his “terminal” lung cancer patient 6 months to live. Little did he know that his patient was curing her cancer at home using the most effective cancer-killing miracle food that she learned about in Bill’s book — a miracle food that “liquidates” cancer, melting it away without causing side effects.

Bill’s miracle food astonishes conventional doctors because they have been shown to get rid of “terminal” cases of not just lung cancer, but also brain cancer … breast cancer … ovarian cancer … and colo-rectal cancer, and other types of cancer. According to Bill, this food has cured more Stage IV cancers than any other cure he has come across.

Bill’s report tells you where to get it, how to take it, and even how to get it at cost, if you or a loved one has cancer! It also includes information on where you can access a simple, accurate home cancer test that tells you if you have cancer and whether it is progressing or healing. Cancer patients don’t have to guess whether the Bill Henderson Protocol is working for them — this test gives results as reliably as a home pregnancy test. 

The bottom line is that Bill has seen cancer patients beat their cancer using the “miracle food” alone. But when patients use that healing food as part of the full protocol — which is easy and inexpensive to do — cancer hardly stands a chance.

If you want to quickly and easily get to the essence of how to start treating cancer today, Bill’s special report offers exactly that. Go here to download (or receive a printed copy) of the report titled How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day.