How These Two Spicy Ingredients Pack a Robust Punch Against Cancer

Cancer prevention can also be delicious: The zingy combo of ginger and chili can, in fact, protect you from the deadly disease. A newly released analysis has discovered that specific components in both spices combined, can successfully inhibit tumor progression. For the analysis, mice that were prone to lung cancer were the focus. The mice were given capsaicin, which is an ingredient found in chili. They were also given 6-gingerol, found in ginger. Mice given only capsaicin were still prone to, and diagnosed with, lung cancer. Only 50% of the mice that received 6-gingerol developed lung cancer. Mice that were given both capsaicin and 6-gingerol had the lowest rate of cancer diagnoses, at 20%.

The results of this test shows that while capsaicin was found to encourage tumor growth, when consumed with 6-gingerol, it can in fact inhibit the growth of tumors. Even though we still have yet to find out what, specifically, it is about the combo of chili and ginger which makes it so potent against cancers, one can’t deny these are two foods everyone’s health would benefit from, when added to any diet.

Prevent cancer in your kitchen

Ginger and chili are simply two of the numerous organic food combinations you can use in your diet plan to decrease your risk for cancers. Some foods, while powerless and even harmful when eaten alone, can be powerful in combination with another ingredient. Health supplements do not cut it in this example. You need to consume a combination of complete foods to accomplish effective prevention. Some of these powerful combinations are tomatoes and avocados, broccoli and tomatoes, apples and chocolate, soy and salmon, turmeric and pepper, and meat and rosemary.

Just as there are powerful food combinations to consider in cancer prevention, there are also foods you need to avoid if you’re trying to lessen your cancer risk. The foods to avoid are processed meats, which increases the threat of developing certain types of cancer. Many reports have associated frankfurters, beef, and lunch meats to cancer of the colon, rectal cancer, and also breast cancers, due to the carcinogens produced when cooked. It is also important to steer clear of alcohol and saturated fats.

Keep this in mind when you’re choosing your next meal to significantly prevent cancer.

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