One Deadly Mistake You’re Making When Treating Diabetes

Are You Making This Deadly Mistake In Treating Your Diabetes?

If you’re like most diabetics – you rely on finger pricks and injections to monitor and control your blood sugar levels.

Maybe you even supplement your daily routine with oral meds like Amaryl, Diabeta, or Micronase…

But did you know these medications and preparations do nothing to cure you or even help you in treating diabetes and finding the root cause of your diabetes?

It’s true.

In fact, these drugs have proven effective for only a few years and may stop working altogether…eventually.

Worse yet – when you’re on the drugs you’re JUST on the drugs!

What you eat is much more important than what you take for your condition…and the drugs also carry some very real and very scary side effects including diarrhea, gas, and life-threatening conditions like “fatal cardiovascular events” – an FDA euphemism for heart attacks.treating diabetes

And there have been countless studies proving that these drugs are not going to help you at all. So subscribing to the idea that modern medicine is your best line of defense is in fact, A DEADLY MISTAKE.

There are several shocking reasons for this, but let’s focus on one main plunder that’s undoubtedly affecting you right now:

The ONLY Way To Manage Diabetes Is Through Medication

It’s been proven that pharmaceutical drugs only treat symptoms and are not designed to attack the root cause.

This is how Big Pharma reels in Big Profits – they keep you coming back for while the disease slowly destroys you.

So bad is it that when a person is first diagnosed many doctors will begin prescribing these drugs without even considering healthier alternatives.

And most drugs are rushed to market without proper research and development.

Therefore, they effectively turn folks like you into human guinea pigs – “trying out” these new drugs – along with those that have been around since the 50s – with no modern updates to their development.

Yet most doctors know these drugs are useless as a cure and are in fact, habit forming – while they only alleviate the symptoms and prolong the inevitable.

This only serves to increase the risk of dangerous and potentially deadly side effects brought on by higher and higher doses. All in spite of adopting simple lifestyle and dietary changes that would actually cure this debilitating disease.


Because Big Pharma pushes these drugs to make a profit. And they give big bonuses to the doctors who prescribe them too.

But don’t worry – there IS a happy ending for you…

My medical research team and I put together a great program that crushes the mainstream thinking about how to treat you…

We’ve even discovered the secrets that reverse type-2 diabetes.

Here’s a little advice for you straight from our massively successful Treating Diabetes Solution Kit:

    1.Cut the carbs from your diet – start by removing high starch foods and replacing them with low carb vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats.

    2.Enjoy the benefits of moderate exercise to help control the amount of sugar in the blood as well as help burn excess fat.

    3.Supplement your diet with the one weird spice that acts as a natural insulin – as well as many helpful and specific vitamins and minerals to facilitate healthy blood sugar levels.

Want even more friendly advice?

We put this little presentation together for you to watch. It tells you everything you need to know about reversing this deadly disease and saving yourself from severe health complications that – if you’re not careful – will take control of your life.

Enjoy it – it costs you nothing!

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By Medical Investigator Joe Barton with the Health Experts at Barton Publishing Inc.
Authors of the best-selling online treating diabetes program: The Diabetes Solution Kit.