Tiger Nuts for Weight Loss

Did You Know…that this little-known nut has amazing weight loss benefits?

If you’re trying to shed extra pounds, you will want to know more about a powerful superfood from West Africa called tiger nuts.  That’s because tiger nuts (which are actually tubers, not nuts) have potent weight loss properties.

What Are Tiger Nuts? 

Somewhat similar to the potato, tiger nuts are a tuber that grows mainly in the Western parts of Africa.  Stories of human consumption of tiger nuts for nutrition and health date all the way back to 4,000 BC, when this food was first discovered in Egypt.

Other names sometimes used for tiger nuts include:

  • zulu nut
  • Aya
  • edible rush
  • chufa
  • rush nut
  • yellow grass nut

Regardless of what they are called, tiger nuts are known for their sweet, nutty flavor and can be enjoyed raw, dried or cooked, juiced, or ground (they make a great gluten-free flour alternative).

How Tiger Nuts Help You Lose Weight 

Tiger nuts are extremely high in fiber—and fiber is crucial to weight loss because it slows down digestion and leaves you feeling full longer. Fiber can also help keep your digestive system healthy by flushing out toxins and waste.

When juiced, tiger nuts produce a substance sometimes referred to as “tiger nut oil.”  In fact, this “oil” is full of heart-healthy fats that protect against cardiovascular disease heart disease in the same way that the fats in avocados and olive oil do.

Finally, tiger nuts are known to help control diabetes.  That’s because the soluble fiber they contain helps control blood sugar levels while aiding your body in the metabolism of calories and fats while staving off cravings.  The end result is more calories burned and less consumed, which is exactly what you need for losing excess weight.

A Very Healthy “Nut
Not only are tiger nuts known for supporting weight loss, but they are also thought to…

  • Cure stomach pains
  • Strengthen the liver
  • Ease indigestion
  • Promote fertility (in both men and women)
  • Regulate menstruation
  • Protect against heart disease
  • Heal gum sores
  • Act as an aphrodisiac

Tiger nuts are loaded with potassium, magnesium, calcium and protein, as well many other minerals and nutrients.  Tiger nuts may even help protect against cancer, thanks to their high antioxidant content. 

Where to Find Tiger Nuts 

Try looking for tiger nuts in the bulk food section of your local health food store. If you don’t find them there, you will be able to order them through many online specialty stores that carry imported food items.