Are Your Vitamin D Supplements Giving You Enough Nutrients?

A Surprising and Easy Way to Boost Critical Vitamin D Levels

A new study from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation shows that people already taking vitamin D supplements were able to boost their vitamin D levels more than 50% by taking their supplement later in the day.

That’s great news for the at least 75% of U.S. adults and teens who are deficient in this crucial nutrient. Lack of vitamin D is known to cause rickets (soft, weak bones) in children and thinning bones in the elderly. Now, however, scientists believe it may play a role in heart disease and cancer, as well.

“We’re just starting to scratch the surface of what the health effects of vitamin D are,” Dr. Adit Ginde tells “There’s reason to pay attention for sure.”

The independent review organization ConsumerLab reported on the Cleveland study that showed how to get more from your vitamin D supplement:

It is not uncommon for a person being treated for vitamin D deficiency to fail to achieve adequate serum levels. A small but striking study at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Bone Clinic suggests that one reason may be that such people are taking vitamin D supplement on an empty stomach or with a small meal, usually breakfast or lunch. vitamin d supplements

In the study, 17 such people were instructed, instead, to take the same supplement with the largest meal of the day, usually supper. After 2 to 3 months, researchers found that serum vitamin D levels had increased, on average, by 56.7%. This magnitude of increase was seen across a wide range of vitamin D dosage and forms (D2 and D3).

As vitamin D is fat soluble, it is generally recommended that it be taken with a meal containing fats. However, based on this study, it may be best to take vitamin D supplements with your largest meal of the day, which is likely to contain the most fat.