Want More Energy – Its Just One of D-ribose Benefits

Did You Know…that a special kind of sugar can cure fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and significantly boost your energy levels?

Researchers have discovered a simple, 5-carbon sugar that can increase cellular energy and thereby restore physical stamina, prevent fatigue, and lessen pain.

This sugar is called D-ribose (known in biochemistry as pentose), and it’s fast becoming the preferred energizer of high-performance athletes as well as those who suffer from debilitating exhaustion and chronic fatigue. d-ribose benefitsThe secret is in the way D-ribose supports energy production in the body with no toxic effects.

Why D-Ribose is Special

The body uses sugar in all forms as fuel. That includes sugars such as:

  • Table sugar (sucrose)
  • Corn sugar (glucose)
  • Milk sugar (lactose)
  • Honey (predominantly fructose)

However, the body can quickly become overloaded by too much sugar—and as a result, sink into a state of toxicity.

D-ribose is a very special form of sugar. Your body reserves it solely for the vital work of generating energy molecules to power your heart, muscles, brain, tissues, and the whole body.

It is absolutely critical for the synthesis and production of cellular energy.

Overcome Even the Most Severe Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

D-ribose benefits have been shown to provide great relief for those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM).

In a 2006 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 41 patients diagnosed with FM or CFS received 5 grams of D-ribose 3 times daily for 19 days. A full 65% of participants experienced significant improvements in the 5 categories measured:

  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Mental clarity
  • Pain intensity
  • Well-being

Participants also experienced a 45% increase in energy and a 30% improvement in overall well-being.

Some experts even say D-ribose benefits are the absolute source of energy. Whether you’re a high-performance athlete, or just feeling a bit sluggish or rundown, D-ribose can help you reach and sustain your peak condition.

D-Ribose Benefits: The Top 4

Those who supplement with D-ribose credit this powerful energizer with 4 major benefits:

    1. Quick and efficient absorption: Some energy supplements lose so much of their effectiveness during digestion that oftentimes, as little as 5% of the energy potential reaches the bloodstream. For D-ribose, 95% of each dose enters into the bloodstream and subsequently reaches cells and tissues in all areas of the body.

    2. Fast acting: Within only 1-2 hours, D-ribose reaches optimal levels within the body. Compare that to the days, or even weeks, it takes some energy supplements to become truly effective.

    3. Short half-life: The body utilizes D-ribose quickly, so unlike other energy boosters, there’s no risk of toxic buildup.

    4. Well tolerated: Tests show that blood pressure, heart rate, and blood analysis all remain normal after long-term D-ribose use.

According to WebMD.com, D-ribose appears to be safe for most people when taken orally for short-term use, or when administered by a healthcare provider intravenously. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are cautioned against taking D-ribose because its effects on them are unknown. It’s also not recommended for individuals with low blood sugar, those who use insulin or diabetic medications, and those who have just undergone surgery.

D-ribose is available in powder form or tablets at health food stores such as Vitamin Shoppe and GNC, as well as many online retailers such as Puritan.com and Vitacost.com.