The Secrets to Longevity

Secrets of the Longest-Living People in the World

If you want to discover the secrets to longevity and how to live longer and healthier, anti-aging researchers suggest that all you have to do is search for clues in the places where people already enjoy the longest and most exceptionally healthy lives.secrets to longevity

One such place is the land of the Inca people…centered around the Andes highland city of Cuzco, which is in Peru.

Inca people usually lived to be 100 years of age or older—with no assistance from any form of modern medicine. The holy Amautas, keepers of sacred knowledge, often lived active lives well beyond the age of 120.

For many years, scientists and tourists alike have journeyed to the lands encompassed by the ancient Inca Empire looking for the secrets of longevity. Inca descendants who live there today still grow to astoundingly old ages and enjoy the health and strength of people decades younger.

Individuals as old as 100, function as if they’re half that age. Locals report that some continue to live to 120, or even 135! 

For many years, scientists and tourists alike have journeyed to the lands encompassed by the ancient Inca Empire looking for the secrets of long life. Inca descendants who live there today still grow to astoundingly old ages and enjoy the health and strength of people decades younger.

How do the Inca people live to be 100 or more—and enjoy robust health, without the advantages of Western medicine? Why does this not happen in the U.S., where Americans spend 20 billion a year on anti-aging products? 

National Geographic featured the Inca region of Peru as home to the world’s longest-lived people.

It’s because we’re not eating what the Inca people are eating!

7 Secret Superfoods Uncovered

The secret to the long, healthy lives of the Inca people lies in secret superfoods they consume daily. These foods, which are indigenous to Peru, are almost entirely absent from the Western diet today. They were rediscovered by a Peruvian named Ronald Rego, who heads a research team that studies the Inca people in a quest to discover the secret to their longevity.

All 7 superfoods discovered by Rego’s team have been independently proven to extend life spans and promote remarkable health.

Super Fruit Enhances Mental Well-Being and Reduces Memory Loss

One example is the camu camu fruit. This fruit is packed with potent phytochemicals and essential amino acids, nutrients, and vitamins such as…

    • Serine
    • Valine
    • Leucine
    • Vitamin C

In fact, the camu camu contains more vitamin C than any other known fruit in the world—approximately 2 grams of vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit. That’s 50 times more vitamin C than a Florida orange.

Most people know that vitamin C has powerful antioxidative powers. Antioxidants are prized for their key role in anti-aging. They are able to neutralize harmful free radicals in the body—while at the same time supporting a healthy immune system.

Now, scientists are suggesting that camu camu may also improve your cognitive performance and reduce short-term memory loss associated with aging. It also enhances mental well-being and alertness. 

Purple Grain Repairs Cells and Revitalizes the Body

Another important, antioxidant-rich superfood that was a daily staple in the ancient Incan diet is purple corn. Botanically speaking, this corn belongs to the same species as the regular corn you’d find at any farmer’s market—except that it has a deep purple color.

Its purple hue comes from massive amounts of anthocyanins, a type of complex flavonoid. Flavonoids are a variety of antioxidants that repair cellular damage, reduce inflammation, and nourish connective tissue—thereby revitalizing the body.

South America’s Fountain of Youth

Perhaps the single most important Incan superfood is cupuacu. This exotic fruit, which is relatively unknown outside of South America, comes from the Cupuacu tree of the Theobroma family (Theobroma grandiflorum)—which appropriately means, “Food of the Gods.”

Many South Americans say that had the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon journeyed further south in search of the fountain of youth, he might have stopped his search after eating this amazing superfruit.

The cupuacu is infused with high levels of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, niacin, polyphenols, fatty acids and amino acids. 

Recent scientific studies have discovered at least 9 powerful and unique antioxidant compounds within the pulp and seeds of this super-fruit. These antioxidants stimulate the immune system while simultaneously supporting the body’s ability to fight disease and making one of the secrets to longevity.

One of cupuacu’s most appealing features is that it boosts energy levels the same way caffeine does—without any unpleasant side effects and with no subsequent crash! Instead, cupuacu fosters a long-term increase in vitality and energy levels.

A Modern Elixir of Life

After studying and documenting the unsurpassed health benefits of the 7 Incan superfoods, Ronald Rego and his team at the American Longevity Institute combined them into an amazing anti-aging elixir unlike any the world has ever seen.

Simply drinking one glass of the elixir daily has been shown to retard the aging process … protect the body from cellular damage … maintain one’s youthful appearance … support cognitive function and memory … reduce inflammation and support blood flow … and strengthen the immune system.

Get the full story about this one-of-a-kind elixir and the secret to longevity that could enable you to live to the age of 100 and beyond—and give you the same energy and vitality as someone half your age.