Eclipta Alba An All Natural Hair Regrowth Treatment

Did you know…that kehraj also known as eclipta alba, an Ayurvedic herb, can regrow hair even better than popular over-the-counter hair regrowth treatments?

The U.S. has appropriated many natural health remedies from Ayurvedic medicine, a whole-body healing modality practiced by Indian physicians for 5000 years.

Ayurvedic translates to “the knowledge of life,” and alternative medicine practitioners have willingly dipped into this knowledge to cure their patients of everything from digestive disorders to diabetes to heart disease. One Ayurvedic herb, Kehraj (eclipta alba), goes beyond health and into the realm of beauty with its proven ability to restore and accelerate hair growth.

A Rich History of Success

Kehraj is commonly distributed throughout India, China, Thailand, and Brazil and is a popular in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well as in Unani, a form of herbal medicine that dates back to ancient Greece and the days of Hippocrates. Thousands of years of empirical data and decades of Western studies attest to eclipta alba’s many benefits, particularly as they relate to hair growth. eclipta alba

Hair loss is more than a vain consideration—it’s a global epidemic. Approximately 35 million men and 21 million women experience hair loss, which can lead to psychological distress ranging from loss of self-esteem to compulsive anxiety. It can also significantly affect the way others perceive you.

Eclipta alba offers a safe, natural treatment to slow hair loss and accelerate hair growth so that you can start to look and feel better about yourself.

What the Science Says

Two animal studies have proven that eclipta alba outperforms the over-the-counter hair tonic minoxidil, one of the most popular and effective medicines for halting hair loss and activating hair growth. Unfortunately, minoxidil is a chemical substance that comes with many unwanted side effects, such as itchy, dry and scaly skin and in some cases, difficulty breathing.

Worse yet, the most popular prescription drug for hair loss, called Propecia, or finasteride, has been associated with very serious and potentially permanent sexual dysfunction.

Kehraj, on the other hand, is all-natural and side-effect free. The herb is able to awaken hair follicles from their dormant state and prolong the amount of time they stay in the active, growing stage.

Researchers found that 500 grams of dried coarse eclipta alba powder mixed at concentrations of 2% – 5% with petroleum ether significantly accelerated hair growth. The rats began growing hair in as little as 5 to 6 days compared to control group rats that took 12 days to initiate hair growth.

The control rats took 24 days to completely re-grow hair compared to the kehraj group, which took only 20 days to achieve full hair growth.

How Does Kehraj Stimulate Hair Growth?

When a hair follicle is at rest it is in what’s called the telogen stage. When a hair follicle enters the anagen phase, it resumes growth. That’s why it’s such promising news that in a July 2009 study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, kehraj was able to induce the anagen phase in 87.5% of mice.

Eclipta alba with methanol was compared with Minoxidil. The drug increased the average follicle count from 43 to 73, whereas kehraj increased hair follicle count from a mere 19 to 66!

Eclipta Alba’s Multiple Benefits

Kehraj not only rejuvenates damaged hair and scalp, but it has also been used as a black dye for coloring gray hair and inking tattoos. It is renowned as a cure for snakebites in China and Brazil, as well as a powerful liver tonic, anti-inflammatory agent, and soothing remedy for skin conditions such as eczema, athlete’s foot and insect bites.

Experts say you can rub it on your gums if you’re suffering from a toothache or mix a bit with oil and dab it on your temples to alleviate headaches.

Eclipta alba is easy to find but comes in many different names, so don’t let the aliases confuse you. It is also commonly called by its scientific name, kehraj, as well as by false daisy, bhringaraj, and karisalankanni in the Assam region of India.

Once you know you’ve got the right herb, the rest is easy. Just mix some with oil and massage into your hair and scalp to cover gray or stimulate hair growth.