FDA Warning: Acid Reflux Drugs Increase Risk of Bone Fractures – Here’s a Natural Remedy for Acid Reflux

Research-backed information about a safe and natural remedy for acid reflux …

Can heartburn drugs really cause bone fractures? Yes, they can. This week, U.S. health regulators warned doctors and patients about serious new risks of these common drugs.

“There is a possible increased risk of fractures of the hip, wrist, and spine if you take certain drugs for heartburn, acid reflux, or ulcers,” the FDA warned consumers.

U.S. and Canadian researchers linked the use of these popular medications — called PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) — to fracture risk in middle-aged adults. Another U.S. study says the drugs may also increase risk of infection with C. difficile, a bacterium that can cause severe diarrhea.

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The FDA reviewed 7 published studies on the drugs, 6 of which showed an increase risk of bone fractures — and the agency will now require prescription and over-the-counter labels for these drugs to include new warnings.

What the FDA is not telling the public is that safe, easy, all-natural remedies are already available to those who suffer from acid reflux. These are affordable, everyday remedies based on simple items that most of us have in our pantries right now.

Unlike PPI drugs, natural remedies for acid reflux do not have unacceptable health risks, such as:

    • Bone fracture
    • C. difficile
    • Excess production of the hormone gastrin (the substance
that tells your stomach to make more acid!)
    • Toxin build-up
    • Excessive mineral imbalance that can lead to hypertension or even Alzheimer’s disease

These are just some of the many serious reasons why the millions of Americans who suffer from heartburn and acid reflux need the research-backed information about safe and natural treatments, instead of prescription drugs or over-the-counter antacids!

Natural remedies for acid reflux actually address the problem instead of masking it. Acid reflux starts with a muscle at the top of your stomach, called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Normally the LES opens and closes allowing food to enter the stomach, and prevents acid in your stomach from backing up into your esophagus. With acid reflux disease, the LES opens at inappropriate times, allowing acid from the stomach to leak into the esophagus where it doesn’t belong.

Left untreated, acid reflux can cause complications — some serious enough to lead to hospitalization or surgery, or, in rare causes, even death. 

Yet, acid reflux may not cause the symptoms you’d expect — for example, when acid passes quickly through the esophagus and pools in the throat and voice box, it causes prolonged irritation leading to hoarseness, excessive mucus, chronic throat irritation and throat clearing, and constant coughing.

As a result, many of the millions of Americans who suffer from acid reflux disease may not know it — even when their symptoms are classic heartburn. 

Too many people mistakenly dismiss their condition and say, “It’s just heartburn,” regarding it a painful nuisance but nothing to seriously worry about. That could not be further from the truth. The fact is, if you suffer from heartburn twice a week or more, you probably have acid reflux disease that needs treatment to avoid serious complications.

    Acid Reflux Complications

    • Regurgitation (especially dangerous at night)
    • Aspiration (acid enters the trachea, causing coughing or
 wheezing and worsening chronic lung disease and asthma
– 70% of asthmatics have acid reflux)
    • Chronic Cough
    • Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (when acid damages the voice box)
    • Esophagitis (inflammation of the lining of the esophagus)
    • Barrett’s Esophagus (abnormal developments of the
esophageal lining that predispose the sufferer to esophageal
    • Esophageal Strictures or Rings (narrowing of the esophagus)
    • Loss of Tooth Enamel
    • Cancer

These risks can be avoided with simple but potent natural treatments — researched treatments that work at least 70% of the time. These surprising solutions for acid reflux and the precise way to use them are detailed in a comprehensive, step-by-step kit backed by holistic physicians.

Dr. Scott Sanders, a holistic doctor with more than 10 years of research in the field of nutritional and alternative medicine, says: “There is no hype or pushing a specific type of therapy, just well-researched alternative treatments and some anecdotes. People are different so there are a variety of ways to heal illnesses. This kit takes this into account, giving you many options and providing the information you need to heal yourself and be independent of drugs and ‘experts.‘” — Scott Sanders, M.D.

Remember, you have it in your power to treat your acid reflux and feel better right now, using simple items you may already have in your kitchen, but only if you know exactly how to use them. Find out how thousands of acid reflux sufferers have thrown away their Tums, Rolaids, Pepcid, Zantac, and Prilosec — and freed themselves of acid reflux symptoms safely and naturally without side effects or risks. Click here to discover a doctor-approved acid reflux cure, which takes only 2 minutes to self-administer at home … provides lifelong relief … and uses just 3 common items from your local grocery store.