Sodium Chlorite A Rising Star of Natural and Alternative Medicine

Did you know…that recent research now elevates a simple element’s status from simple purifier to medical miracle…capable of treating chronic illnesses, including AIDS…hepatitis A, B and C…cancer…tuberculosis…arthritis…chronic fatigue…colds…flu…and Lyme disease?

What is Sodium Chlorite? Chemically known as NaCl02, has enjoyed its reputation as a powerful disinfectant for a number of years. We get a daily dose morning and evening when we brush our teeth. A popular mouthwash ingredient, sodium chlorite, eliminates the odor and infection caused by bacteria. sodium chlorite

For the past 100 years hospitals have used an acidized version to disinfect equipment—and the agricultural industry has used it to remove harmful microbes from meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables.

An Accidental Discovery That Activates Sodium Chlorite’s Healing Ability

The potent healing properties of sodium chlorite came to the forefront when geologist Jim Humble accidentally discovered its remarkable ability to cure malaria. Experimenting with the most effective doses, Humble found that a 28% solution of sodium chlorite mixed with a citric acid, such as fresh lemon juice, and then diluted with water achieves the most significant healing results.

Activating sodium chlorite with a citric acid transforms it into the stronger healer, chlorine dioxide, or ClO2. Chlorine dioxide is used throughout Europe to purify municipal water supplies and is a much safer decontaminant than elemental chlorine.

Interestingly enough, chlorine is the purifier of choice in the United States despite the fact that when it mixes with other molecules, it can release toxins that enter our bodies through the water we drink and the water in which we bathe.

What is so promising about activated sodium chlorite is that it is inexpensive, easy to use and resistant to immunity —unlike the antibiotics prescribed by doctors and marketed by the pharmaceutical industry.

Jim Humble has successfully treated more than 800 HIV/AIDS cases in Africa using activated sodium chlorite. He also shows people how to use it to treat cancer…cure colds in an hour…get rid of the worst flu in 12 hours…and heal malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis, arthritis, Lyme disease and practically every disease that plagues mankind.

If you haven’t heard of sodium chlorite, it may be because it has been kept under wraps for years due to the devastating effect such a natural cure would have on the profit-making capability of the medical/pharmaceutical industry.

How Does It Work?

Without getting too scientific, sodium chlorite is an oxidant. Oxidants remove electrons from harmful pathogens like viruses and parasites, thereby inactivating the poison and eradicating the disease-causing microbe.

Activated sodium chlorite swims through our body harmlessly, all the while looking for damaging microorganisms that breed disease. Sodium chlorite is not attracted to healthy cells, which have a positive charge. Instead, it seeks out disease-producing microbes with a negative charge and electrons to spare.

Like a magnet, it attaches to these pathogens, stripping them of needed electrons so they can no longer grow and spread. If the activated sodium chlorite does not find any diseased tissues, it breaks down into the common element table salt or the healthful compound hypochlorus acid—without damaging beneficial bacteria.

When internally ingested, sodium chlorite has been shown to recharge and strengthen the immune system. This may be why it has such broad-spectrum effectiveness in preventing and treating a wide range of diseases.

Sodium chlorite is a rising star in the field of natural and alternative medicine and can be purchased inexpensively on many different Internet sites. Caution must be used when using sodium chlorite, as more research is needed.

Sodium chlorite should not be taken indefinitely and should only be ingested in the appropriate amounts.

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