Unknown Vitamin Slashes The Risk of Bone Fracture

Hushed Up Vitamin Slashes Risk of Bone Fracture by 500% Doctors Calling it “Missing Puzzle Piece” For Strong-as-Steel Bones

By Jason Kennedy

When Columbus landed in the new world 500 years ago there was something remarkable about the people of the Americas…

They had no trace of brittle bones or what we now call “osteoporosis.”

The older folks were active, energetic and never weak or “hunched over.” And of course, they never used canes to help them walk or wheelchairs to help them get around. bone fracture

They didn’t have to. Their diets were rich in a “missing vitamin” that kept their bones naturally dense and durable as they aged.

The research is impressive and well documented, but it’s been largely overlooked and quietly pushed into the background by the big drug companies who are afraid of igniting another “vitamin D miracle,” like we had a few years ago.

Today you’ll discover the mystery behind this missing vitamin and the clinical evidence that proves you can:

    • Easily reduce your risk of bone fracture by over 500%.

    • Build strong, resilient bones that keep you mobile and independent.

    • Get rid of those worthless calcium supplements and prescription bone drugs.

American Dentist Identifies “Missing Vitamin”

It wasn’t until the 1930s that an American dentist made a remarkable discovery…a “new” fat-soluble vitamin that gave these native people such incredibly strong bones and perfect teeth with broad smiles.

After nearly two decades of research, he realized that when these natives started eating processed, Western foods, their bones weakened, their teeth rotted and their dental arches became cramped and distorted.

Only during the last 10 years have researchers finally provided the clinical evidence that prove this “missing vitamin” may be the key to strong-as-steel bones and prevent bone fracture.

You see, your bones are constantly repairing themselves. As old cells die, new ones take their place. But here’s the problem: This vitamin must be there to “activate” the cells inside your bones called osteocalcin.

When they’re activated, osteocalcin “sticks” to your bones to keep them young and strong. But when the vitamin isn’t there, osteocalcin stays “inactive” and will NOT stick to your bones.

And that means your bones grow weak and frail over time.

A landmark study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research discovered that people with the highest levels of “inactive” osteocalcin have a 500% higher risk of bone fracture.

And studies published in the journal Nutrition and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found…

This “forgotten vitamin” can stop the loss of bone density and in some cases
can even increase bone mass in people with osteoporosis.

Activating osteocalcin is the secret to life-long bones of steel…and that’s why calcium supplements and bone drugs do almost nothing to fix the problem.

As you’ll see, many doctors believe this could be the secret to staying independent and mobile as you age.

And I STRONGLY believe this is something you should know about. Especially since the drug companies have a head start. If we don’t break the news now, you may never find out.

I’m skeptical of the word “breakthrough” but this story so compelling I consider it a “must read.” It’s the closest thing to real hope I’ve seen in a long time.

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