7 Reasons to Start Bouncing!

athlete flying above a trampoline with sunset in the backgroundFor years, the only people who regularly jumped on trampolines were children, elite athletes, and NASA astronauts. But recently, as information about the remarkable health benefits of trampoline jumping—or rebounding, to use the technical term—has spread, more and more everyday adults are trying it for themselves.

Here are the top 7 reasons to make rebounding a part of your daily routine!

Reason #1: Work Out More Effectively

Rebounding is one of the most efficient ways to work out. It’s been part of NASA’s recommended training regime for astronauts since the 1980s. NASA studies indicate that just ten minutes of rebounding gives you a better workout than a full half hour of running! 

Reason #2: Detoxify Your Entire Body

Your lymphatic system—which is responsible for flushing toxins from your body— requires movement to conduct lymph through a series of one-way valves. Without movement, lymphatic function is compromised and waste molecules … poisonous chemicals … and heavy metals accumulate in our body. Studies reveal that rebounding stimulates these valves and can significantly increase the flow of lymph fluid. 

Benefit #3: Achieve a Healthy Weight

The constant, gentle, up and down motion of bouncing on a trampoline has been scientifically proven to release an enzyme that converts the contents of fat cells into energy that fuels your body. Rebounding also supports your metabolism and does not overly stress the body, making it a perfect choice for individuals who find other forms of exercise too strenuous.

Benefit #4: Strengthen Your Bones and Joints

woman-rebounding_facebookAnother reason NASA loves rebounding is that it helps to re-mineralize bones. Proper bone mineralization and density are key to avoiding problems like osteoporosis and other painful joint conditions. Rebounding impacts every cell and muscle in your body, and puts equal, beneficial stress on your bones.

Benefit #5: Improve Your Balance

A strong, stable connection to your center of gravity allows you to move easily through your life. Rebounding engages your ocular nerves and inner ear canals and strengthens your mind-body connection. Because your mind can’t always predict the direction your body will move in, you naturally enter a state of learning and reacting.

Professional boxers use rebounding to increase their stability … agility … timing … and coordination.

Benefit #6: Correct Your Posture

Rebounding will improve your posture without you having to think about it. While rebounding, you will automatically engage your core … hold your head high … and let your shoulders be wide and relaxed. The more time you spend on the rebounder, the more ingrained this way of carrying yourself will become.

Benefit #7: Smile More

No matter how busy you are, you’ll find that you want to make time to rebound. Just 15 minutes a day brings a wealth of benefits, and best of all, you’ll enjoy yourself while you’re doing it. 

Worried Rebounding Isn’t for You?

If you’re worried you’re too out of shape to try rebounding, let that go. People who don’t work out regularly can hop on a rebounder and begin to experience immediate benefits. Experts recommend that you start by bounding at a moderate pace that doesn’t leave you completely breathless. You can begin very gradually by simply bending your knees to bounce up and down – your feet don’t even need to leave the trampoline.

While some rebounder can be quite expensive, it’s possible to find models online for just $40.  That said, experts recommend purchasing the best one you can afford, since a good quality rebounder will feel better, last longer, and tempt you to use it more.