Achieve Radiant Health Easily With A Method More Powerful Than Meditation

Neurocardiology Research Reveals…a Method Far More Powerful Than Meditation Alone for Achieving Total Well-Being and Radiant Health

One of surprising benefits of meditation is the connection between emotions and health which is supported by every major health research institution in the country. Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that a shocking 85% of all diseases have a strong link to your emotional state.

If you find yourself needlessly struggling with negative emotions, the damage they can cause to physical health…relationships…and life goals are truly damaging.

Now, however, research shows that you can eliminate stress and anxiety, heal your blocks to success, and enjoy a state of lasting emotional health and well-being…without meditating for hours or forcing your brain to do anything “unnatural.”

By creating an emotional balance you protect yourself from the destructive potential of anger, depression, stress, and anxiety.

These negative emotions contribute to disease…heart attacks…high blood pressure…digestive disturbances…headaches…insomnia…skin problems…and many other serious conditions.

How many of the following situations have you experienced:

      • You’ve struggled to calm your mind
      • You’ve experienced stress, anxiety, depression, anger…or any negative emotion in the last 24 hours
      • You’ve tried to stop the chatter of your racing mind by using mind-altering substances such as a glass of wine, prescription medications, or recreational drugs?
    • You’ve tried techniques to relax or release, but haven’t gotten the results you hoped for

If one or more of the above apply to you, you can now discover how to achieve peace of mind and radiant emotional well-being naturally and easily in just 20 minutes a day with the benefits of meditation.

The Missing Puzzle Piece of the Mind-Body Connection

Although the mind is often cited as the source of negative emotions, research shows that our minds are only one part of the puzzle. The other pieces lie much deeper.

Picture an iceberg. The bulk of an iceberg is under water. Likewise, 95% of what causes stress, frustration, and anxiety exists below the surface of your mind—hidden to most people.benefits of meditation

That’s why common techniques such as deep breathing and visualization don’t bring lasting results. These practices are powerful relaxation tools that can bring temporary quiet to your thoughts and feelings, but the key word is temporary. They fail to address the root cause of symptoms such as anxiety and frustration.

A huge piece of the puzzle is missing.

How the Heart’s Powerful “Energy Field” Can Heal You

The missing puzzle piece was revealed by trailblazing research in the field of neurocardiology on the heart’s energy field.

First, you need to know that the human body emits a powerful “electromagnetic field”, this discovery has profound implications if you seek to balance your emotions and find true happiness.

Recognition of the heart’s own energy field began in 1998, when the Institute of HeartMath (an internationally recognized research organization) published some startling findings. HeartMath researchers measured the heart’s electromagnetic field with highly sophisticated equipment…and found it operates at an amplitude 60 times greater and a magnitude 5000 times more powerful than that of the brain.

This amazing discovery proves the strength of the human heart’s energy field significantly influences our emotions and our ability to manage them.

When our “heart center” is off balance, we experience frustration…anger…and depression. We may also experience physical symptoms—as indicated by the prevalence of heart disease, the #1 cause of death in America.

Fortunately, the opposite is true, as well: by teaching subjects to generate “core heart feelings,” HeartMath scientists demonstrated that the whole mind-body emotional system could quickly be brought back to balance.

The Mind-Heart-Body Triad

“Core heart feelings” are a powerful healing force, but on their own, they are not enough, because they target only the heart.

Likewise, deep breathing and visualization target only the mind, while some other proven meditation programs such as Qigong and Tai Chi nurture the vital energy of the body. These systems are beneficial, but incomplete.

But, if these incomplete meditation systems do offer some results, and thousands of research studies have proven that they do…then imagine the possibilities of cultivating and strengthening the connections between body, mind, and heart simultaneously!

What Most Meditators Will Never Know…In Order to Achieve Perfect Health, Emotional Well-Being and Confidence

Kevin Schoeninger has taught the benefits of meditation for more than 30 years. This meditation system works with unlimited transformative potential, because it balances all 3 of the body’s energy centers at once.

Kevin combined 3 very potent techniques:

      • A rarely known Qigong breathing technique to strengthen the vital energy of the body center
      • A system to powerfully strengthen the heart center and bring a profound sense of balance to the emotions
    • A method to achieve the open, natural, clear and spacious awareness in the mind center

To connect these, Kevin developed a way to clear and open the “central channel” of the body. When this channel is open and energy is flowing smoothly through all your major energy centers, you experience profound health, vitality, and confidencegood feelings as well as sharp focus and clear thinking. You enjoy a tremendous and lasting sense of peace and wholeness.

20 Minutes a Day to Achieve Radiant Health and Well-Being

Click here to find out how this remarkable benefits of meditation method achieves results simply and naturally in less than 20 minutes a day. It opens the pathway to your personal guidance system and provides a complete total workout for the mind, body, and spirit.

Practitioners of this meditation system have reported outstanding effects.

“Use this program, and change your life!” says J.V. Crum, III, founder and CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute.

“I have meditated for 10 years and recommend [this] approach because it is the most effective method I know for creating a major shift in consciousness. It helped me create deeper peace, harmony, and well-being.”

Many others report physical healing…

“After 3 weeks I noticed my shoulder/neck was healed,” says Shelley Iremonger. “I’d been having acupuncture, cortisol, and lots of physio[therapy] for this for 6 months with no success—and was taking a break from it all when I started the meditation. I’m so much calmer and even happier than before. This is wonderful! I believe that my throat (husky for 15 months now) will also heal … this is life changing!”

In less than 20 minutes a day, this easy and proven meditation system can help you to:

  • Have more energy and feel more alive
  • Skyrocket your awareness of who you are and what you’re here to do
  • Discover how to release yourself from the grip of any negative emotion or pattern of behavior…and free your body for physical healing
  • Experience a deeper sense of love and connection in your relationships
  • Live the life you are meant to live on all three levels of self

Scientific research has repeatedly proven the power and benefits of meditation by individuals who practices targeted at solely the mind or body. This revolutionary core energy meditation system brings you a quantum leap further by integrating all your major energy centers and connecting them through the central channel.

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