Blueberry Benefits: The Ever Popular Super Fruit

Can Blueberries Cure Cancer?

One of the blueberry benefits includes being recognized as the best-known anti-aging nutrient because of it’s high antioxidants. Pterostilbene (try saying that five times fast!) may soon become a household name. This compound — found primarily in that ever-popular super fruit, the blueberry — is a close cousin to resveratol. blueberry health benefitsAnd pterostilbene may prove to be even more exciting that its more famous cousin. According to a post by John Phillips, a diet, health and nutrition researcher and writer:

    Pterostilbene is emerging as a powerful ally in the fight against many cancer lines due to its small molecular size that allows the nutrient to easily gain access to cancer cells. Researchers publishing in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that pterostilbene “damages a cancer cell’s membrane and DNA and induces death signals causing self-destruction.”

So, add this to the long and ever-growing list of why everyone should eat blueberries – it has been shown to cause cancer cells to self-destruct!