Humic Acid Detox

Did You Know…that a simple substance found in dirt may be one of nature’s most powerful detoxifiers and immunity boosters?

There’s a little known nutrient that can bolster the immune system, enhance uptake of key vitamins and minerals, and even help detox your body.  Found deep within the soil—approximately 30-feet deep in fact—is an organic substance called humus.  These rich soil deposits are formed from the remains of decomposed plants and vegetation from thousands… and sometimes millions… of years ago.  Humus is rich in humic acid, a unique molecular complex that acts as a powerful antioxidant and heavy metal detoxifier.

Unfortunately, we have a humic acid deficiency crisis on our hands.  Humus has been found naturally in food ever since the days of our primitive ancestors.  But with the advent of industrial farming practices such as the spraying of chemicals and pesticides, our soil has become depleted of nutrients and our food is no longer supplying the humic acid our bodies crave.  In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports a 25-80% decrease in vital minerals in our food sources!  Leading scientists theorize that an insufficient intake of humic acid might just be playing a significant role in the steady rise of degenerative diseases that plague the modern world.

Toxin Eliminator 

Farmers have long used humic acid to generate plant enzymes and root growth, to convert nutrients in the soil into plant food, and to neutralize toxic pesticides.

Turns out, humic acid works its same kind of magic on the human body.  Humic acid is able to bind with both positively charged and negatively charged ions.  As an antioxidant, humic acid magnetizes to free radicals, neutralizing their power before they can damage the cell.  Humic acid can also bind to positively charged ions in the body, like particles of magnesium, calcium, cadmium, and iron… a process that helps to purify the body of toxins.  As a detoxifying agent, humic acid either converts toxins into benign compounds, or eliminates them safely as waste.  Scientists are currently studying just how humic acid might be applied to help not only detox the body of heavy metals, but to also prevent toxins from entering the body in the first place.

Immune System Strengthener 

Humic acid helps to strengthen the immune system by boosting uptake and increasing absorption of nutrients.  One molecue of humic acid is powerful enough to carry more than 70 minerals and trace elements into cells!  It increases cell permeability by converting vitamins and minerals into organic, ionic forms that are easier to transport.

A potent anti-viral, humic acid is able to spot and destroy viruses lurking outside of healthy cells, and has been used to treat influenza, avian flu, swine flu, and other viral infections.  Some studies even suggest that humic acid gives red blood cells a lift, helping to accelerate wound repair.

Supplementing with Humic Acid 

Humic and fulvic acids (fulvic acids are humic acids of lower molecular weight and higher oxygen content) can be purchased as nutritional supplements.  Fulvic acid is often found in liquid form as a component of mineral colloids.  According to the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA), there are no clinical trials affirming the safety of humic acid as a supplement for humans.  It is interesting to note, however, that an estimated 80% of pharmaceutical drugs are small, isolated synthetic fragments of this organic, and complete, extract that orginates directly from Mother Nature.